Zedric Wingert "Zed" Flirkstan is an irken neing from the planet irken, whose family was lost on earth and eventually grew to love it on earth and became best friends with Burt Warner a.k.a. Kid CRAZY


Just before Zed was born his parents were returnig from a convention in conventia, then, a few minutes after Zed was born the their ship crashed in the town where Burt lived, and 4 years later, Zed's parents enrolled him in Claire Dinkum primarry school, which happened to be where Burt went to preeschool, and Burt found Zed in the corner and offerd him half of his cashew butter cookie, and then during pizza time, Zed was one of the many witnesse of Burt's psycho-tantrum and instantaneously knew they were meant to be best firends, and they have been ever since. and then after school was over, Zed admitted to Burt that he and his family were Irkens from the planet Irk, and that he family is extremely wealthy as their great grandfather had pillaged some of the monety from earth


in kindergarten, Zed's disguise consisted of a neckband with human on it, and a mohawk wig, which still exposed his anntenneas (The Irken Flirkstans hadn't gotten the hang of disguises yet), but when Zed met Burt, Burt hepled him and his family blend into society

Zed's current disguise consists of purple-iris colored contact lenses and a light blonde afro wig (another nod to Invader ZIM)

Really, all I know is that this is very shitty. I know, it's the same picture of Zim, with a MS Paint tool drawin over it. Oh boy, I can't wait until my balls drop, that's for damn sure.
Disgiuised Zed

Zed in his current human disguise


Zed's voice is provided by James Arnold Taylor


  • Zed is in love with fellow Irken, Deb, with the feeling being mutual

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