Now a teenager he runs off on his own to procet his mom and dad from Kur danger. So they go own a very very very long vaction while Zak trains and becomes stronger then Doyle and FIskerton find him and wont to join onthe new action. Zak lets them join with his new team "Kur Force" or "Team Kur" with new allies and some old ones. Zak finds out he can make his own Cryptids. With a reborn V.V. Argost as his trainer to help control his new abilits. The series will have at lets 6 seasons then a new series name will look just like The Secret Saturdays mixed with Generator Rex, Wolverine and the X- Men. It will air on Toon'in Xd in 2016 with the premier of the new channel.


  • Zak Saturday- Now 15 years-old also can creat crybrids he has been on his own for 15 months and has a scare on above his right eye. He cand beat Doyle in a one on one fight now thanks to him trainning by hiself.

  • Doyle Blackwood-24 years old has a son who he has not seen in 13 months

  • Wonnie-

  • Friskerton Saturday-

  • Stephenie West-

  • Sam Lockwood- 13 years old thinks Zack is so cool and alsome his is Zacks partner and to find out in the episode "The Secrets We Keep" his real name is Sam Doyle Blackwood so he is Doyle's long lost son.

  • Derek Nikluas Hale-


  • Rex V. Argost

  • Minyon

  • Scott Blu-

  • Kur Rook-

  • Abby Blackwood-

  • X 777 Kur-


Season 1
1 | New Forces Pt. 1|

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