The World between Good versus Evil. They have Guns,Sword,Robots & any weapons you like. Who side are you?


The King decide war againist Ganon. Battle between Good and Bad.In the story about Duke Onkled who will side on? If he joins Team King (Good), Ganon will kill him OR If he joins Team Ganon (Evil), The king thinks his tratior and he will kill him. What Duke Onkled to do?

Team King (Good)

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The King aka King Harkinian and his crew are the Forces of Good. The Leader is The King and Second-in-Command is Link. In the End, the world will Peaceful again.

Team Ganon (Evil)

see also: List of Team Ganon (Evil)

Ganon and his minions are the Forces of Evil. The Overlord is Ganon and Second-in-command is IM Meen. In the End, The world will rule.

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