Young Justice


Lee Thompson young as Kaldur"ahm = Aqualad

Logan Lerman as Dick Grayson = Robin

Jake short as Wally west = Kid flash

Thomas Dekker as Conner Kent = Superboy

Emma stone as Megan M"orrz = Miss Martian

Britt Robertson as Artemis Crock = Artemis

Colton Haynes? as Roy Harper = Red Arrow

Micheal Fassbender as Bruce Wayne = Batman

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent = Superman

Bradly Cooper as Barry Allen = The Flash

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen = Green Arrow

Amber Heard as Dinah Lance = Black Canery? as King Orin = Aquaman

Sam Worthington as King Orin = Aquaman

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan = Green Lantern

Philip Morris as J"onzz J"orrz = Martian manhunter

Micheal angarano as Garfield Logan = beast boy (cameo)


A peaceful day in Gotham City Park is interrupted by Mister Freeze, who is freezing civilians. Taking aim at the people attempting to escape his latest rampage, a Batarang hits his cold gun, saving the fleeing civilians. Assuming the owner of the Batarang was Batman, Freeze turns to the direction the Batarang. Freeze takes aim at Robin, as Batman punches him, cracking the dome completely.

Icicle Jr. is causing havoc on the Star City suspension bridge, flipping and overturning cars, using his cryokinetic powers to do so. As he laughs maliciously, several arrows explode around him, and he looks to the top of the bridge to see Green Arrow and Speedy taking aim. Speedy shoots a trick arrow which appears to knock Junior out. Green Arrow jokes that Junior "had a glass jaw". Speedy dismisses the joke, and exclaims that "today's the day".

In Pearl Harbor Aquaman and Aqualad arrive to prevent Killer Frost frodestroying an oil tanker. Standing at the bow of a ship, Killer Frost hurls ice powered attacks at Aquaman and Aqualad, who dodge each strike, though Aquaman's torso is frozen by one particular attack. Aqualad jumps past Aquaman as he breaks out of the ice encasing him. Aquaman is questioning Aqualad on whether he is excited about the day's events, when his apprentice responds that he's "more focused on the matter at hand". Aqualad dodges more cryokinetic attacks from Killer Frost, and then uses his Water-Bearers to knock her out with a ball of ice. He then admits his excitement, as "today's the day"

In Central City Flash and Kid Flash are attempting to prevent Captain Cold from robbing a Gem Depository. Cold is shooting at them with his cold gun, as the two Speedsters run circles around him. Kid Flash is first to act, as they "don't have time for this". Stealing his cold gun, Kid Flash skids to the other side of the road, as Flash flies in and punches Captain Cold across the face. Flash tells his nephew to calm down, but Kid Flash resists, as he expresses his excitement because "today's the day".