The Youkai Squad are an anti-hero team of apparitions that are like Guardians of the Galaxy-type heroes that serve their mentor, Gosei. They protect Youkailand from their enemies, especially Megamo, Mecha-Boy, and Xenonair, among others.


  • Kappa Prime: Leader of the Youkai Squad.
  • General Ittan-Momen: Powerful paper-like general.
  • Sargent Kasabake: Umbrella-like general.
  • Karakasa: The crow with umbrella-like blades.
  • Amikiri: The adopted brother of Karakasa.
  • Sunakake Baba: The sand woman.
  • Dorotabou: Great muddy Cyclops-like farmer.
  • Oboroguruma: Able to drive in his car form.
  • Konaki-Jiji: A half-skin, half-metal child.
  • Nurikabe: A young wall-like anti-hero.
  • Tengu: The squad's most greatest warrior.
  • Akaname: Looks after the restrooms.
  • Gaki: The janitor who eats and eats.
  • Kamaitachi: Called "the Strider Hiryu of Youkailand".
  • Rokurokubi: The woman with the long neck.
  • Nopperabou: The no-faced anti-hero.
  • Umibozu: A watery anti-hero.
  • Wanyudo: Shopkeeper.
  • Chochinobake: A young lantern-like hero.
  • Nekomata: Jibanyan's father-in-law.