YouTube High is an American teen comedy comic book series, being published by Dark Horse Comics since TBD.


This comic reimagines YouTubers as high school students and teachers as they deal with normal high school stuff.



  • Matthew Patrick - a geeky teenager trying to survive YouTube High.
  • Jenna Marbles - a popular girl who becomes friends with Matthew.
  • Felix Kjellberg - the school's clown who is also friends with Matthew.


  • Stephanie Cordato - a geek who Matthew has a crush on.
  • Mark Fischbach - a popular student who many people love.
  • Anna Brisbin - a choir and acting student who is extremely kind.
  • Seán McLoughlin - a slacker who loves to play video games.
  • Boyz, consisting of:
    • David Brown - the band's lead singer who is confused as a goth.
    • Jonathan Young - the band's guitarist who likes punk rock.
    • Caleb Hyles - the band's drummer who is friends with Jonathan.
    • Nathan Sharp - the band's TBD.
  • Rebaka Chan - the head student of the Science Club.


  • Logan Paul - one of the school's bullies who loves to torment Matthew.
    • Jake Paul - Logan's brother who helps him out.
  • Rebecca Parham - a creepy student who loves stalking popular students, mainly Mark.
  • Fred Figglehorn - a spoiled brat with an extremely high-pitched voice who is extremely rich.
  • Malinda Kathleen Reese - Anna's rival who is popular and rich, being at times a bully.


  • Principal Dane Boedigheimer - YouTube High's principal who cares about TBD.
  • Vice Principal Ian Hecox - TBD
  • Prof. Anthony Padilla - the school's Reading teacher who is loved by students.
  • Prof. James Rallison - the school's Math teacher who is horrible at spelling.
  • Prof. Brian Hull - the school's History teacher who loves history.
  • Prof. Brock Baker - the school's Science teacher who is presumed to be an alcoholic.
  • Prof. Jaiden Difftach - the school's Art teacher who at times deal with social anxiety.
  • Prof. Joel Berghult - the school's creative Music teacher.
  • Coach Wilford Warfstache - the school's P.E. teacher who beats up whoever says they want to die. He also coaches every sport.
  • Prof. Doug Walker - the school's detention teacher who almost everyone fears.
  • Janitor Toby Turner - the school's janitor.
  • Thomas Ridgewell - the school's librarian.
  • Lunchlady Rosanna Pansino - the school's kind lunch lady.
  • Nurse Liza Koshy - the school's nurse.


  1. First Day - Matthew Patrick goes to his first day of school meeting numerous students and teachers.
  2. Reasons Why I Hate P.E. - When Jenna gets tired of Wilford Warfstache’s way of P.E., she decides to find to stop him.
  3. Detentions - Felix ends up in detention as Prof. Doug frightens him. As a result, Felix has to survive.
  4. I’m With the Band - TBD
  5. Who Doesn’t Like Science? - TBD
  6. Beware the Sub - When [numerous or one Professor] "gets sick" TBD.


  • Matthew wears glasses, a shirt with the Game Theorists logo on it, blue jeans and TBD shoes.
  • Jenna wears a light blue dress and dark blue heels.
  • Felix wears TBD