The Xanatos Program (偽者 ザナトス)

The Xanatos Program is a computer program designed by Puck to simulate David Xanatos in Kingdom Hearts III: Reconnect. When Maleficent and Master Xehanort went about the worlds, recruiting many villains to their respective allainces, one of the few villains that both met with failure in recruition was Xanatos. The scheming businessman refused to join either alliance because he believed that he was fine working on his own agenda, and wouldn't obtain control over the Heartless for the same reason. In anger, Maleficent contacted Puck, her secret ally in Avalon, to create a computer program that would serve Xanatos' role in the Villain's Vale Allaince. Puck, being the trickster that he was, followed his orders, but gave the program a more crueler and melodramatic personality as a way of lampooning his boss. When Sora and his friends arrived in Avalon to help save Goliath from the nightmare that Puck had placed on the gargoyle, the trickster sent the Xanatos Program and an evil version of Lexington to stop our heroes. The keyblade master was able to defeat the Program after a long battle, then quickly hurried to try and stop Puck, in the form of Elisa Maza, from tricking Goliath into giving him the Phoenix Gate. After Puck was defeated, the Dream Eaters resurrected the Xanatos Program as one of their own to try and destroy Sora again. He failed, and was derezzed permanently.

Boss Strategy


The Xanatos Program uses the same attacks as the Steel Clan, but is faster and stonger, plus has longer attack combos. In addition, he has the following moves:

  • Counter Stance: Xanatos will deflect any attack launched at him. In addition, he will reverse any Finishing move, inflicting damage on Sora.

Quote: "Come on, kid!"

  • Spinning Reverse: If Sora launches a Steel Clan Robot at him with the Spinning Ram Reaction, Xanatos will do the same, sending it right back. This triggers a Reaction Command called Double Ram, where Sora leaps onto the soaring robot, redirecting it back to Xanatos, but jumping off to attack him at the last second for a double attack.

Quote: "Not bad, but I've seen better!"

  • Burning Sky: Xanatos flies high into the air, along with any remaining Steel Clan robots, and unleashes a torrent of laser blasts down onto our heroes.

Quote: "Try this!"

Other quotes

Taunting: "Are you just going to stand there?"
50% Life: "Hmmm... looks like I'll have to get serious."
Defeated: "I underestimated you... well done!"

Boss Music: Vim and Vigor

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