Taking place in 1980's after the events of X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsher are enemies after 1962, but when they witness Mr. Sinister planning mutant experiments. And it's up to Scott Summers to lead the X-Men.


July 18, 2014


  • Scott Summers/Cyclops - Tim Pocock
    • 6-Year Old Scott Summers - Davis Cleveland
  • Ororo Monroe/Storm - Rutina Wesley
    • 10-Year Old Ororo Monroe - Willow Smith
  • Jean Grey/Phoenix - Katie LeClerc
    • 10-Year Old Jean Grey -
  • Emma Silverfox - Tahyna Tozzi
  • Quicksilver - Jonah Bobo
  • Scarlet Witch - Madeline Carroll
  • Psylocke - Wendy Lee
  • Chamber - ???
  • Berzerker - ???
  • Toad - ???
  • Professor Xavier - James McAvoy
  • Magneto - Michael Fassbender
  • Mystique - Jennifer Lawrence
  • Azazel - Jason Flemyng
  • Riptide - Alex Gonzalez
  • Emma Frost - January Jones
  • Angel Salvadore - Zoe Kravitz
  • Blob - Kevin Durand
  • Sabretooth - Liev Shrieber
  • Mr. Sinister - George Clooney
  • Cable - Stephen Lang
  • Bolivar Trask (cameo) - John Malcovich


In a near future, after the end of the dreaded mutant hunting machines known as Sentinels, the mutant known as Cable, who is the son of the mutants Cyclops and Phoenix, leads a new X-Men. The X-Men of the future is made up of the mutants Psylocke, Chamber, Berzerker, Toad, Emma Silverfox, and the mutant siblings and children of Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. The new team attacks the lab of the Insane mutant, Mr. Sinister, who is performing experiments on Mutants. They are able to destroy his lab, but he has a back up plan. He uses a time machine and goes to the year 1980, where he will be able to complete his experiments on the X-Men of the past, which will also destroy the X-Men of the future. The X-Men then follow him into the past.

In 1980, Xavier and Eric have recruited new mutants for both the X-Men and the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has recruited the mutants now known as Blob and Sabretooth and the X-Men have recruited the mutants Ororo Munroe who is given the name Storm, Jean Grey who is given the name Phoenix and who has feelings for Scott Summers and Scott Summers who is given the name Cyclops and who has feelings for Jean. Xavier believes Scott should be the one to lead the X-Men into any battle that they may need to face however, Scott believes that he shouldn't be the one to lead. The X-Men then see a news report about the Brotherhood attacking a mutant research facility where human scientists are trying to learn a way to combat the mutant threat. Xavier then tells Scott to lead the X-Men against the Brotherhood. Cable arrives where the Brotherhood are attacking and see that Sinister is planing to kidnapp one of the Mutants. Before Cable and the others go to battle him, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch catch a glimpse of their father and immediately recognise him. The X-Men then arrive and battle the Brotherhood as the future X-Men battle Mr. Sinister. The future X-Men fail to defeat Sinister but force him to retreat and the X-Men fail to defeat the Brotherhood, proving Cyclops' point to Xavier. The brotherhood almost kill the X-Men, but Cable intervenes and informs both sides of Mr. Sinister. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch also reveal how they are related to Magneto. Cyclops then gets the future X-Men to come to the X-Mansion and explain to Xavier. The Brotherhood also comes along with them. After Explaining to Xavier, he decides to make a temporary truce with the Brotherhood to help the future X-Men Stop Sinister.

Meanwhile, Sinister creates a way to use DNA from mutants of the future to create an army of mutants from normal humans.

Later in the film, Sinister attacks a prison and the X-Men and Brotherhood plan to stop him there. Even together, their forces fail and Sinister uses the army of criminals he freed to as his soldiers in his new mutants army, but his machine fails because he is missing one component he needs which is a stronger power source.

Back at the X-Mansion, Eric blames Cyclops for the failure of the two teams and tells Xavier it was foolish to put him in charge of the X-Men. They then hear of an attack on nuclear power plant. They try to stop Sinister from charging his machine with the nuclear energy, but once again fail. Sinister is then able to create his mutant army and plans to destroy the city. The Brotherhood and X-Men then stand together to face this threat, with Cyclops leading the X-Men. Xavier tells him that he should have confidence in himself and it will help him with leading the team.

In the final battle, The two mutant teams are able to defeat the army of mutants while Cyclops, Jean, Cable, Eric, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch battle Sinister. Together, they are able to defeat Sinister and Eric tells his son to kill him. Scarlet Witch and Cable try to persuadehim not to, but he still violently kills Sinister and gives himself a place in the Brotherhood of Mutants. After the defeat of Sinister, part of Cable's team tell him that they believe in what the Brotherhood stands form and Toad, Berzerker, Emma Silverfox and Quicksilver join the Brotherhood. The remaining future X-Men join with the X-Men of 1980 instead of going back to the future. Scott and Jean then reveal their feelings for each other and kiss.

Meanwhile, a scientist in the future known as Bolivar Trask, who created the Sentinels, is working on the Sentinel Master Mold and a new form of Sentinel he has dubbed Nimrod when he finds the time machine Sinister used to go to the past. He then decides to take his two creations into the past and also create an army of sentinels in the past aswell. He then plans to use them to change history and wipe out all of Mutant kind.

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