Based on the popular X-Factor comic book featuring the multiplying detective Jamie Madrox and his team of investigators as they solve crimes and mysteries pertaining to mutants in New York.


X-Factor Investigations:

James Madrox/Multiple Man - Owner/leader of X-Factor investigations with the power of kinetic duplication

  • Guido Carosella/Strong Guy - Bodyguard and general muscle with the powers of kinetic absorbation and superhuman strength
  • Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane - Investigator with werewolf like powers
  • Theresa Cassidy/Siryn - Investigator with a sonic scream
  • Monet St.Croix/M - The teams resident diva and telepath with other powers such as super strength and flight
  • Julio Richter/Ricter - Depowered mutant formerly able to manipulate the Earth
  • Layla Miller - An pre-teen girl and self-declared secretary of X-Factor Investigations with the uncanny power of "knowing stuff".


Episode Plot First Appearance

X-Factor Investigations 1/2

After returning from several journeys around the world, Jamie has just founded a P.I. agency. When one of his dupes staggers into his office with a bullet wound.

Multiple Man, Strong Guy, Rahne

X-Factor Investigations


Jamie follows the dupes leads to Chicago where he tries to retraces his dupes steps in oroder to find out what got him shot.

The X-Factor

Jamie recruits several more members to his team and tries to talk his old friend Rictor off the ledge. One of his dupes has other ideas however.

Siryn, M, Rictor

Layla Miller

A strange girl that can predict the future shows up at X-Factor Investigations office and declares herself their secretary. Meanwhile someone is out to get X-Factor

Layla Miller

Quicker than Quicksilver 1/2

Former X-Factor member Quicksilver shows up with the promise of repowering mutants. Naturally Rictor is interested.


Quicker than Quicksilver 2/2

The truth about the depowering of mutants and Quicksilvers method of restoring their powers is revealed. Also X-Cell are angry at the government!


Oh Dupe where Art Thou? Jamie tracks down a few of his unabsorbed dupes. But where does a dupe end and a person begin? Father John Maddox

X'd Out 1/3

A rival investigations agency lead by the mysterious Damian Tryp seems intent on destroying X-Factor Investigations.

X'd Out 2/3

Damian Tryp has been working on manipulating the extremely deadly Legacy Virus. But to what end? And what is his deadly secret?

X'd Out 3/3

Damian Tryps secret and the truth about Jamie Madrox are revealed. But what does this three-fold man have in store for X-Factor Investigations

The Quick and the Dead

An X-Factor Special featuring our favorite madman/speedster Quicksilver!

Messiah Complex

A crossover with our fellow X-Shows! Jamie and Layla are sent into the future in order to determine the future of mutants. Naturally something goes wrong.


Evaluation Day

Madrox hires star psychologist Leonard Samson to check up on the members of X-Factor Investigations. An indepth look into the psyches of our favorite mutants!

Divided we Stand 1/2

Rahne reveals her deadly dream to Jamie. Meanwhile super-villain extraordinaire Arcade seeks to punish Jamie.


Divided We Stand 2/2

With only minutes left on Arcades mad clock and X-Factor divided, will this be the end for X-Factor Investigations and Mutant Town.

Layla Miller Special

Whatever happened to Layla Miller? Find out in this special episode!

Ruby Summers, Cyclops, Summers Rebellion

X in Detroit

With their New York office burned down, X-Factor relocates to Detroit. Meanwhile, a young man is searching for Professor X but his guide is not all that he seems...


Evolve This

Darwin's father comes looking for him. Meanwhile the real Longshot comes to town

Baby Don't Hurt Me

X-Factors past comes to haunt them as their former government liason, Valerie Cooper returns with an unusual interest in Siryn's baby.

Valerie Cooper

Fathers Day

Siryn goes into labor. What will be the fate of baby Sean Madrox?

Death, Despair and Dog food

With his "son" gone and X-Factor in shambles, Madrox goes out on a journey he doesn't expect to come back from.

The Summers Rebellion Part 1/2

Jamie is back in the future and a familiar face wants him to solve a mystery... Meanwhile X-Factor under Siryn's leadership run into someone that looks an awful lot like Longshort...

Doctor Doom, Cortex, Shatterstar
The Summers Rebellion Part 2/2 With the Sentinels closing in on Atlantic City, can Jamie save the Summers Rebellion?
Home Soour Home Jamie is back in the present and finds X-Factor in shambles. But where is Layla?
Back in Buisness Jamie pulls X-Factor back together in their hometown of New York. But where is Layla?
To find an Invisible Woman Part 1/2 Two Fantastic kids arrive at X-Factor Investigations offices with a tricky case. To find an Invisible Woman. Also what is wrong with Reed Richards? Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards
To Find an Invisible Woman Part 2/2 X-Factor trace Sue to Latveria, but all is not what it seems. Also Monet searches for her father.
Second Coming

A crossover with our fellow X-Shows. Hope Summers is back and Bastion wants X-Factor off the board. Also Guido and Monet search for Monet's father.

Wolf's Den

Darwin finds himself in a strange place with an impossible person. Also Rahne is back!
Hated and Feared Monet and Guido check out a mutant hate rally on behalf of the mayor and something goes unthinkably wrong.
Souless Layla tries to Cope with what she had to do to save Guido and X-Factor Investigates a Northern Mystery! Thor
They Keep Killing Jamie Madrox 1/3 X-Factor Investigates a haunted fair ground when something goes horribly wrong.
They Keep Killing Jamie Madrox 2/3 The team tries to cope with Jamies death. Meanwhile Jamie is thrust in a strange and scary situation
They Keep Killing Jamie Madrox 3/3 Jamies dimension hopping continues, will he ever make it home? Meanwhile Wolverine has a solution to X-Factors leadership problem Wolverine, Havok, Polaris

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