The World of Color is a Show that will be shown at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort it will Replace illuminations Reflections of Earth This new show will have Sequences that were Shown from the California Version and some ones that Were never show from the California version though there will be Two Sequence that will be short like the Longer Versions of A Whole New World and Part of Your World instead they will be Shorter and The Sequence Go the Distance will be In the florida version instead of the Longer A Whole New World and Friend Like Me The Alice in Wonderland and the The Princess and the Frog sequences will make their comebacks in the Florida version. The sequences will be in Order in the florida version. There will be Some New Sequences like the Circle of Life(Lion King) Go the Distance, Brave, Cody's Flight, Alice in Wonderland, Princess and the Frog and the Kingdom Hearts Sequence at the end of the Show.

1. Opening/Magical Light/Little Squirt

2 Spring Sprite/ Just Around the Riverbend

3. Hemlich/ April Showers/Old Mill Storm

4. Colors of Wonderland

5. Circle of Life

6 Sailing through the Stars

7 Colors of the Universe/Define Dancing Wall-E and EVE

8 Infinity and Beyond/Zurg/ Up/ Whole New World(Short)/Go The Distance/Cody's Flight

9. Brave: Touch the Sky, Remember to Smile

10. Pirates of the Caribbean/ He's A Pirate, Drink up Me Hearties

11. Dr.Facilier/ Chernabog/Scar/The Stampede

12 So Close

13. Wonderful World of Color

14. Kingdom Hearts(Hikari): Scenes from the Kingdom Hearts Series

Note: There will be a Kingdom Hearts Sequence before the Show ends it will be a Tribute to the 10th Anniversary to the Kingdom Hearts Series since the game series was created by Disney and Square Enix.

Note 2: During The Night on A Bald Mountain scene during the Colors of Nightmares the Chernabog Towers will be addded which will feature Chernabog Himself though he will still be in the Show it's just that we need the towers that represent him.

Note 3: Part of Your World and the Colors of the Seas will be Replaced by The Circle of Life Sequence from The Lion King that will feature the Families and Friends of Disney Characters.

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