Atlantica/Oceana/Atlantis (The Little Mermaid, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale, etc):
- Alvin: a chipmunk-merman with a red tail
- Simon: a chipmunk-merman with a blue tail
- Theodore: a chipmunk-merman with a green tail
- Sora: a merman with a dolphin tail
and more
other World Transformations:
- Timeless Universe (Vintage Cartoon Shorts):
- Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Sora, etc: Black and White, 1930s retro designs
- Metropolis (Superman 1940s cartoons):

- Alvin, Simon, Theodore, etc: 1940s animated artstyles

- Caillou's Neighborhood/Ms. Martin's Playschool/Farm/Joseph's Ranch/Village/Town/Big City (Caillou):
- Alvin, Simon, Theodore, etc: Same artstyles as Caillou designs
- And More World Transformations

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