World Showcase (Disney-Universal Studios Resort)

Attractions, Shows, etc:
- The American Adventure
- America the Beautiful
- Mr. Toad's Motor Mania - Urakage Live! (at The Japanese Television Theater) - The Kung Fu Panda Stunt Show
- Kai-Lan's Journey to China
- Meet the World (Classic TDL Attraction)
- The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts History Center
- The United States History Center - The Americas History Center
- Around the World in 80 Days
- Banzai Live! (at The British Television Theater)
- Disney-Universal Studios ImagiNations Parade
- Sesame Street Around the World
- Wonders of China (Classic Epcot Attraction)
- O Canada!
- Television Around the World
- The Magic Lamp (Classic DLRP Game Show)
- Television Game Shows Around the World
- World Showcase Opera House presents The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts History featuring The Making of World of Color
- United States Cinema - It's a Small World
- Muppets Around the World
- Muppet Babies Around the World and more

Character Appearances:
- Phileas Fogg
and more

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