World Cup Quest: Fighting Game is a fighting game made by Disney and Capcom. The story- Alchemor, the destroyer of mascots, decides to hunt the World Cup Mascots for his alchemy for good. Fuleco, Zakumi, and the others must stop him from taking over the land!


  • Fuleco: World Cup warrior commander. He is an armadillo. He can turn into a Soccer ball. Winning Quote: "The best is yet to come, Brazilian!"
  • Zakumi: Fuleco's friend. He fights all that is evil, including that of Alchemor. Winning Quote: "I am the best of all of Africa!"
  • Goleo VI: He and his ball friend are Muppet-like due to Alchemor's curse. Winning Quote: "This is for Germany."
  • Ato, Kaz, and Nik: Three Spheriks that fight Alchemor. Winning Quote: "Japan and Korea will be safe from thou!"
  • Footix: A rooster. He fights the forces of evil and he fences with his Rooster's Saber. Winning Quote: "You have come to lose, and you are not from France!"
  • Striker: An arcade machine-loving dog. Winning Quote: "U-S-A!"
  • Ciao: A football-headed stick man. Winning Quote: "Yes! The Italians have won!"
  • Pique: Juanito's friend. Resembles a chilli pepper. Winning Quote: "No ordinary Aztec! Get away!"
  • Naranjito: An orange who likes football. Winning Quote: "This was like the Spanish Inquestation!"
  • Gauchito: An boy who is young and happy. He fights his nightmares, even Alchemor. Winning Quote: "Surrender to an Argentine!"
  • Tip and Tap: Twins who are Goleo VI's students. Winning Quote: "There never will be Nazis allowed here, monster!"
  • Juanito: Pique's friend. A boy who has fun over weekends and fighting evil by sunlight. Winning Quote: "There can never be the same in Mexico!"
  • World Cup Willie: Leader of the World Cup Sector of the Mascot Resistance. Winning Quote: "No more of this! I'm an English lion!"
  • Alchemor: The final boss of the game. The same man that haunted the memories of both Olympic and Commonwealth Mascot Resistances. Winning Quote: "Ha ha ha, I have won Ji! There can only be one Ji!"


  • Rio de Janiero (Fuleco)
  • Cape Town (Zakumi)
  • Munich (Goleo VI)
  • Bridge between Seoul and Tokyo (Ato, Kaz, and Nik)
  • Lourdes (Footix)
  • New York (Striker)
  • Pisa (Ciao)
  • Chichen Itza (Pique)
  • Barcelona (Naranjito)
  • Buenos Aires (Gauchito)
  • Neuschwanstein Castle (Tip and Tap)
  • Mexico City Cathedral (Juanito)
  • London (World Cup Willie)
  • Moscow (2018 World Cup Russia Mascot)
  • Doha (2022 World Cup Qatar Mascot)
  • Castle Alchemor (Alchemor)

Bonus Stages:

  • Destroy his or her Car!: Fuleco could be good at lifting cars, but is it his job to destroy terrorist cars?
  • Barrel Destroyer: Either mascot could do that. Destroy ten barrels or more within the time limit!


  • Endings: One each for any mascot that has reached the ending of the game. The same goes to Alchemor.
  • Concept art
  • Used or unused betas

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