Everyones favorite Amazon is back and this time for good


after winning a competiton, Diana now must go into a world of the modern world, and start saving the city from female fatales!


Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman (Tia Carere) -

Donna Troy/ Wonder Girl (Lacey Chalbert) -

Queen Hypolota (Susan Blakeslee) -

Steve Trevor (Michael T. Weiss) -

Eta Candy (Kath Soucie) -

Artemis (Gina Torres) -


Pricilla Rich/Cheetah (Cree Summer) -

Ares (Troy Baker) -

Chronos (Peter MacNicol) -

Giganta (Kath Soucie) -

Barb Minerva/ Cheetah (Cree Summer) -

Dr. Psycho (Danny Mann) -

Heracles (Keith Szarabajka) -

Hades (James Woods) -

Angle Man (Daniel Riordan)


Season 1:

  • Wonder
  • Gods and Titans
  • New Blood

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