3 teams emerged to face one darkness.


  • WhiteSwans:
    • Cal-Lya (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - the princess of Wenonia, and the female leader of the WhiteSwans, She wears the Legendary Mask of the Crystal Swan!
    • Pry-Sir (Yuri Lowenthal) - the love interest of Cal-Lya, and was the Captain of the guard, and he wears the Blue and White Armor, since Cal-Lya wears Pink, and White!
    • K-Lee (Kim Mai Guest) - She is the Gold/ White Swan of the group, and the most wreckless of the group!
    • Or-Son (Richard McGonagle) - The Veteran of the group, and the counciler of Cal-Lya, he has Brown and White Coloration, ahd has a Black Beard!
    • Da-Ring (Ogie Banks) - The African American of the group, and has Red and White Coloration, and is the sworn bodyguard of Cal-Lya!
    • E-el (Kyle Hybert) - The Aqua Expert of the group, He has a Green, and White Coloration!
    • Swanny (Dee Bradley Baker) - Cal-Lya's devoted Swan like android, and the teams Mascot!
  • TimberWolves:
    • Wolf 1 (Troy Baker) - the leader of the TimberWolves, was a Wood Cutter from Canada, and helped a Wolf named Jacks, and ever since then became friends!, He wears the Black Wolf Armor!
    • Coyote 2 (Kirk Thornton) - The Second in command of the group, he was a Sheriff whom was in Texas, and can even handle any stress, he wears the Yellow Coyote Armor!
    • Fox 3 (Mary Elizebeth McGlynn) - The Brains of the bunch, she was a Swimsuit, and bikini model in California, and she is the heart of the team, she wears the Red Fox Armor!
    • Dingo 4 (Steven Blum) - The Driver, and Pilot of the group, he was a Park Ranger from Austrailia, he has a history with Crocodon before mutated, he wears the Orange Dingo Armor!
    • Jackal 5 (Arnold Vosloo) - The Scientist of the group, he was an archeologist from Egypt, he had found the Princess Cal-Lya's ship and helped them out, he wears the Blue Jackal Armor!
  • SeaLions:
    • Sea-Leo (Danny Cooksey) - a young leader of the SeaLions, He is playful, understanding, and knows how to handle characters like Mal-Ice! He is also the one who has the Sealion uniform #1.
    • Wal-Run (Jeff Bennett) - The Veteran of the group, and has the Walrus uniform!
    • Elephanto (Kevin Michael Richardson) - He has the Elephant Seal Uniform, and he is the one who is the muscle of the group!
    • Leo Seal (Jim Meskimen) - the brains of the group, he has the Leopard Seal Uniform, and he is in love with White Seal!
    • White Seal (Mae Whitman) - She is the only female, and is a lifeguard, she wears the White Seal uniform, and she is the one who keeps the team in place!
  • Elementals (allies)
    • Pyro Commander (Josh Keaton)
    • Long Go (Travis Willingham)
    • Navajo-Man (Greg Rainwater)
    • Chio Wong (Eric Bauza)
    • Geomancer (Keith Szarabajka)
    • Sarah Lin (Tara Strong)
    • Ms. Mellennium (Tara Strong)
  • Mal-Ice (Don Leslie) - the main antagonist, Queen Shoninacah's Long Lost brother, when he was mutated into a Frozen Iceman, when he needs to leave his Icey Fortress of Snow-Mountain, he recites "Ice Caverns of Snow Mountain, Fill me with Frost, Ice, and the Chilling power of.....Mal....ICE!", he becomes a Ice Viking like warrior who faces the WhiteSwans, TimberWolves, and the SeaLions, and he is similar to Mumm-Ra, and even Mon*Star!
  • Mal-Ice's Clan
    • O-Grrrr (Udo Kier) - Mal-Ice's bodyguard, and lieutenent!
    • Maulusk (Jamie Watson) - Malice's sadistic Slug-Man, who has been made faster than any Mulusk!
    • Gong Frawl (Keon Young) - The Mandrill Samurai who is the opposite of Or-Son!
    • Jolt and Volt (Rob Paulson) - the Shocking Twins!
    • Seren-Ice (Cindy Robinson) - Mal-Ice's daughter!
    • Occonor (Wally Wingert) - A Skeleton Knight, under Seren-Ice's orders!
    • Atlantor (Mark Hamill) - Mal-Ice's top warrior, and a sea dragon!
    • Rumpelstilskin (Dwight Schultz) - Mal-Ice's most incompetent, and the most dimwitted of the group, who's bumbling makes himself laughing stalk!
  • Reptilian Rage
    • Crocodon (James Remar)
    • Komodon (Bill Fagerbakke)
    • Anacondo (John Kassir)
    • Snap-Turtle (Jeff Bennett)
  • Queen Shoninacah (Jessica Biel) - Cal-Lya's long lost mother who aids both WhiteSwans, TimberWolves, and SeaLions, face great threats by Mal-Ice, she recites "Love in the Night, help me save the one I love, Rise the Armored Knight, Shoninacah!", causing her to become a Cybernetic sorceress!


Episode Title Plot Airdate Moral Event
Crystal Swan As a little girl, Mal-Ice killed Cal-Lya's father, now she must take back her kingdom and overthrow Mal-Ice, as she dons the Legendary Mask of the Crystal Swan. 3-14-13 Not to let vengeance take control of you! the first appearance of the WhiteSwans!
At Dusk Cal-Lya and Pry-Sir must prevent Dusk-Man from destroying the castle. 3-21-13 you can't judge a book by it's cover! the first appearance of Swan Castle!

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