• What if Mark Wright were crowned king of the jungle?
  • What if Optimus fought Ultron?
  • What if the Dark Surfer walked amongst us?
  • What if Phineas the Dog was an Autobot?
  • What if Jafar, Dr. Blowhole, and KOMPLEX team uo together in order to take over the city?
  • What if the vullains sung Townsville's going down?
  • What if Megatron had a brother?
  • What if Mok Swagger married Holli Would?
  • What if the Phantom of the Opera were portrayed by Professor Z and Christine by Mother Gothel?
  • What if Lotso teamed up with Guts Man and Cut Man
  • What if Gate and his Mavericks were superheroes?
  • What if the Mirrorverse were to collide with Annihilus's Negative Zone?
  • What if The Watcher never watched over us?

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