• What if Isaac of Weyard never saved the flat planet?
  • What if Optimus Prime fighted over Thanos?
  • What if the Dark Surfer took over the Virtual Reality?
  • What if Sly betrayed the heroes?
  • What if Mijinion betrayed the villains?
  • What if Kumamon became Moses?
  • What if Magneto were not Erik, but Lex Luthor?
  • What if Pete teamed up with Megatron?
  • What if Master Xandred joined forces with Queen Beryl?
  • What if Metropolis is destroyed?
  • What if Nitro Man and Bubble Man betray Dr. Wily?
  • What if Shen used fireworks on the other masters?
  • What if Ebenezer Scrooge never seen the ghosts?
  • What if Jacob Marley had a brother named Robert Marley?
  • What if Marcus Collins won the X-Factor 2011?
  • What if Netherlands beat Spain in the World Cup 2010?
  • What if the heroes team up with Omega Supreme?
  • What if Bucky O'Hare and Captain Carrot team up?
  • What if Superman fighted over Myzor, the King of War?
  • What if the Autobot Warpath was a car?
  • What if Lightning McQueen won the race over Francesco Bernoulli in Japan?
  • What if Sinestro worshipped Hades instead of Parallax?
  • What if Peter Pan grew up and had children?
  • What if Arthur Christmas never delivered the child's gift?
  • What if the Lorax is polluted?
  • What if Miles Axelrod became king of evil?
  • What if Satan were not slain by Saint Michael?
  • What if Ancient SkyClan never had to find a new home?
  • What if Scourge and Firestar switched places?
  • What if Tigerclaw never betrayed ThunderClan?
  • What if the Great Journey never happened?
  • What if Perry the Platypus spoke human language?
  • What if Jibanyan, Agumon, and Pikachu joined forces to defeat Caesar Clown?

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