Weird Animals is a 2012 comedy cartoon that will air on WNewYorkTVforKids.

About The Show

The show focuses about a blue velocirator named Yelnat on an island within the human world with all of his friends.

Main Characters


Yelnat is a blue velocirator with wings under his arms. Because of him being a good runner, He is always on the right track to victory. He plays a role as Stanley from Holes and others.


Zeroni is a yellow praire dog with a long tail. She is the smart little woman with a fang in her mouth when she speaks. She was adopted by Yelnat. She plays a role as Zero from Holes and others.


Hazy is a big dark blue sloth. He is the only member to be big. Because of him, Hazy likes to be with Yelnat all the time. He plays a role as Mr. Sir from Holes.


Bassie is a beaver with blue overalls and has a bow on her head. She's the girl that is always helpful. She plays the role as the bus driver from Holes.


Zigs is a Zigzagoon like animal. He is seen all the time on the island and the human world. He plays the role as Zigzag in Holes.


Clawer is an adult dark purple cat. She is the villian of all the citizens. She plays the role as the Warden from Holes.


Clara is a blue raccoon wearing a yellow shirt with a flower on it, and has blue shorts. She is a new character to join in 2011.


Blaster is a cat-eared dog with a jet pack and goggles. She is the only flying character that is female. According to an episode, She also likes to pull on Zeroni's fur.


Grant is a 4 year old wish maker. He was Clara's pet and loves to make wishes.


Sydney is a baby velociraptor with a bow on her head. She is Yelnat's new baby sister.

Other Characters


Wooder is a woodpecker who lives in his favorite tree. He is known to say his catchphrase "If Only, If Only.". He's also known to talking to the moon.

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