Plot: Roofhowse and his friends have successfully saved Merry Walrus from the evil Herbert P. Bear and his sidekick, Klutzy the crab. Even though Herbert is satisfied that he has headphones, he wants to find a way out of the dome. Now, Roofhowse and his friends must stop Herbert again before he reaches the Merry Walrus. But this time, he's teaming up with some old villains. They bump into some old friends, Enrique and Rockhopper. They encounter some new friends, like Gary, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and PH.


James Arnold Taylor as Roofhowse

Jason Marsden as Sydmull

Fred Tatasciore as Captain Rockhopper

Dave B. Mitchell as Herbert P. Bear

Mikey Kelly as Blizzard

Cat Taber as Jangrah/ DJ Cadence

Cristina Pucelli as Lorna

Brian Cummings as Merry Walrus

Dee Bradley Baker as Yarr/Enrique/Puffles

Jeff Bennett as Gary the Gadget Guy

Steven Blum as Jet Pack Guy/ Squidzoid

Ashleigh Ball as PH

Rob Paulsen as Rookie

Tara Strong as Dot

Frank Welker as Protobot/Destructobot

George Takei as Sensei