Tired of his slacking off, Ian Worthington teaches his son, Jason to control himself by becoming a man into the army. 7 years later, Jason still struggles to survive to follow in his father's footsteps, but when a man, who matches the card, King, and his 3 allies decide to make Washington their own image, Jason must train 3 cadets into fighting against the Gamble Gang.




  • Jason Worthington (Channing Tatum) - in the end, Gets to become a Colonel!
  • Lt. Ian Worthington (Ron Perlman) - Jason's father, who trained Jason to follow in his footsteps, and ended up killed by King, Queen, Jack and Ace
  • Nick Olson (Jonah Hill) - a fan of Jason's father, in the end, ends up publishing Jason's book, Ways of War!
  • Juliet Brand (Amanda Bynes) - Jason's love interest, in the end, Becomes Jason's Fiance!
  • Corneilius Brand (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - in the end, becomes Jason's ally!
  • Major Jonathan Van Ryker (Robert Downey Jr.) - in the end, gets in a wheel chair, and salutes Jason!
  • Colonol Michael T. Gross (Chi McBride) - in the end, dies by being killed by Jack!
  • General Bruce Ferral (Gary Oldman) - in the end, captures Ace, and interogates him!
  • Kyle "King" Braham (Kevin Bacon) - the main antagonist, and is dubbed, "King", a man who wants to change Washington into his own image, by using cards, Bacon shares the same humor from his character Sebastian Shaw from X-Men First Class, in the end, falls into a deep Cave pit!
  • Britney "Queen" Mauldoon (Claudia Black) - dubbed "Queen", in the end, gets shot by Juliet!
  • Hans "Jack" Reeds (Bruce Campbell) - dubbed "Jack", in the end, gets arrested by the Police!
  • Julian "Ace" Cranston (Cirian Hinds) - dubbed "Ace", in the end, gets interogated by the Police!



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