Wdw netherlands logo

The Logo of Walt Disney World Resort in Netherlands.

This is The Dutch Version of the Walt Disney World Resort Which Will Be Similar to The Original Florida Version of The Resort, But Except the Animal Kingdom Park, However Netherlands Disney Will Be the Fourth WDW Netherland Park.

Theme Parks

  • Magic Kingdom (Netherlands)
  • EPCOT Center (Netherlands)
  • Walt Disney Studios Park (Netherlands)
  • Netherlands DisneySea
  • Marvel World

Water Parks

  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach
  • River Country

Other Attractions

  • Downtown Disney (Netherlands)
  • Walt Disney World (Netherlands) Company Building


  • Disney's Asian Resort
  • Netherlands DisneySea Hotel
  • Disneyland Hotel (Netherlands)
  • Holiday Inn in the Walt Disney World (Netherlands)
  • Embassy Suites
  • Disney's New York Hotel

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