When his father, Jordon is running for mayor in an election with Jordon, Jr., Vance, with the help of Julian, help make votes for Jordon, but when Jordon, Jr.'s own campaign manager is being a mastermind, along with his daughter, who is Jordon's fiance, they plan on big things to keep them busy.


March 29, 2013


  • Vance Ryker (Jonah Hill) - matches Chris Farley's tone from Tommy Boy and Blacksheep, in the end, becomes Mayor!
  • Julian Bryceland (Tom Felton) - matches David Spade's tone from Tommy Boy and Blacksheep, in the end, becomes Ryker's deputy!
  • Jordon Hellstrum Ryker (John Goodman) - Vance's father who is running for mayor, in the end, seconds to Ryker being Mayor!
  • Jules Branch, Sr. (Nick Nolte) - supports his son to run for Mayor, in the end,
  • Jules Branch, Jr. (Patrick Dempsey) - succeeding his father by running for mayor, in the end, ends up doing Janitor work at the Campus!
  • Portor Neil (Jonathan Pryce) - the primary antagonist, Jordon, Jr.'s campaign manager, who helps Joyce call the shots, in the end, goes to prison!
  • Joyce Neil (Kate Beckinsale) - the secondary antagonist, Jordon , Jr.'s fiance, and plans to keep Vance and Julian out of the way by hiring Cranston to keep them busy, in the end, gets dumped!
  • Cranston (Michael Gross) - the tertiary antagonist, hired by Portor and Joyce to keep Vance and Julian busy, in the end, apologizes to Vance and Julian!



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