From creators of The Lord of the Rings, and King Kong comes, Transylvania


Vlad Volstriff (John Rys-Davies) seeks out the Vampire and Vampiress, Count Dracula (Chris Hemsworth), and Elizibeth Von Drushko (Kristian Stewart), to make them pay, but gets help from Peter Van Helsing (Jame Franco) to search all of Transylvania to stop them!


James Franco - Peter Van Helsing

Chris Hemsworth - Dracula

Kristian Stewart - Elizebeth Von Drushcko

John Rys-Davies - Vlad Volstriff - the film's main antagonist

David DeLuise - Father Hans Pierce, Peter's Assistant, and helper!

Megan Fox - Petunia Barnes - Peter's love interest, and a dancer

John Goodman - Hugo - a frankenstein

Arnold Vosloo - Keva-Hu-Rah-Tap - a mummy

Nick Nolee - Vincent - a swamp thing

Rosaro Dawson - Medusa

Betty White, Queen LaTeafah and CCH Pounder - Helga, Wanda and Janette - 3 sister witches who do not have big noses, they fore see the Future!

David Spade - Herb - a zombie

Amanda Bynes - Patience - a she-creature with tails of a mermaid

Shia Labeouf - Chance - a humanoid creature from the black lagoon and Patience's boyfriend, he always refers her as "Angel Fish"

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