There are ways how wiki concept can be used for business, here is one way:

There should be a wiki-based database of production processes. This database will provide you instructions on how to do things, what are the steps that you need to take, what are the components required, workflow charts, sketches, best practices, other required documentation etc. Partially this functionality is currently provided by

This wiki-website should not only have the production processes, but also a database of market prices of the products that are the results of such production and prices of the inputs of such production. The database should cover many countries worldwide.

This will help you to calculate the possible costs and the benefits that you will have if you start your own business and provide you most of the know-how that you need. If the database covers prices from many countries, it will enable you to see whether you can make your business internation i.e. produce in one country and sell in another country benefitting from price differencies.

The website can also have an additional automatic algorithm of comparing the prices of products and inputs in different countries and provide you tips on which kind of business currently seems to be most promising.

So the such wiki-website should consist of such modules

  • Database of production processes with all required documentation
  • Database of costs (labor, raw materials, technology, software etc)
  • Database of business limitations (laws and regulations, inputs availability, flight schedules, political situation, weather etc)
  • Calculation module for comparing cost of inputs vs potential revenues from products and assesing viability of a business

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