The Heroes Alliance train Stampy, Heinrad, and Cohrada to become Heroes Alliance Members. However, a penguin has escaped from an Evilland zoo. Megamo follows the beast. The penguin is a Maximal called Break.


  • Isaac the Earth Adept: "Steady!"
  • Optimus Prime: "We have to train the Maximals!"
  • Mario: "Well we have-a to do-a someething harmful to Megamo!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Yes. And we have to train our heroes harder."
  • Sailor Moon: "We have to do something, right?"
  • Optimus Prime: "I don't know. Maybe we'll fight Megamo here..."

(Meanwhile, in Villainville Zoo)

  • Megatron: "Don't let it escape!"
  • Break: "Don't harm me!"
  • Phantom of the Opera: "Sing for me!"
  • Break: "I can't sing."
  • Megamo: "Get him!"

(Meanwhile, in the Heroes Alliance Base...)

  • Diver: "Look! A penguin from out of nowhere!"
  • She-Ra: "Did it escape?"
  • Break: "Thanks for rescuing me. Call me Break."
  • All Heroes: "Break?! The lone penguin?"
  • Optimus Prime: "Sing for us..."
  • Break: "I can sing to heroes only, yes."
  • Sailor Moon: Sing HELLO VIFAM for me!"
  • Break: (sung) "Wipe away all your tears. Together we will conquer fear. Come and give us a hand, in search of a new land. I wonder where you are, my friend? Tell us what is left in the end. Give us your courage, VIFAM! You are our image, VIFAM! United we must fight, VIFAM! Uncertain of all might, VIFAM!"
  • Sailor Moon: (all applaused) "Well done on singing, Break!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Maximize, Maximal Break!"
  • Break: "Break, Maximize!" (transforms from penguin mode to robot mode)
  • Mater: "Shoot! I never seen a penguin transform into a robot and..."
  • All Villains: (screaming and shouting indistinctly)
  • Optimus Prime: "Oh no! Megamo's men! Stampy! You, Heinrad, and Cohrada Maximize and defeat Megamo!"
  • Stampy: "Right!"
  • Heinrad and Cohrada: "Right!"
  • All Three: "Maximize!" (transform from their beast modes to their robot modes)
  • Joker: "Let our animals go!"
  • Makuta: "Now that penguin's yours, you have a new comrade, fools! In the form of a Maximal!!"
  • Overlord of Spiral Zone: "Surrender that penguin or pay the consequences!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Never! Break, attack!!"
  • Break: "Yes, Optimus Prime!" (attacks Overlord and damages Spiral Zone Generator)
  • Megatron: "We almost had you, Break!"
  • Break: "Hence when did you know my real name?"
  • Queen Beryl: "You'll soon find out, foolish..."
  • Mater: "Stop right there!"
  • Queen Beryl: "Huh?"
  • Optimus Prime: "You are not going anywhere!"

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