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Ultra Universe is a reboot of the regular Marvel Universe continuity and has monthly titles coming out


Ultra: Spider-Man


Ultra: Daredevil

Ultra: Fantastic Four

Ultra: X-Men

Ultra: Captain America

Ultra: Hulk

Ultra: Iron Man

Ultra: Hawkeye and Black Widow

Ultra: Thor

Ultra: Avengers

Created by

Malachi Martin


Ultra: Spider-Man/ Malachi Martin and Brian Michael Bendis

Ultra: Daredevil/ Malachi Martin and Frank Millar

Ultra: Fantastic Four/ Dan Slott

Ultra: X-Men/ Malachi Martin

Ultra: Captain America/ Mark Millar

Ultra: Hulk/ Malachi Martin

Ultra: Iron Man/ Malachi Martin and Lewis Roper (My friend in real life who loves Iron Man)

Ultra: Hawkeye and Black Widow/ Jim Starlin

Ultra: Thor/ Mark Waid

Ultra: Avengers/ Malachi Martin


Ultra: Spider-Man/ Mark Bagley, Malachi Martin (Occasionaly) and Stuart Immonen (Rarely)

Ultra: Daredevil/ Sara Pichelli

Ultra: Fantastic Four/ John Romita Jr

Ultra: X-Men/ Stuart Immonen

Ultra: Captain America/ Malachi Martin

Ultra: Hulk/ Malachi Martin

Ultra: Iron Man/ Malachi Martin

Ultra: Hawkeye and Black Widow/ Malachi Martin

Ultra: Thor/ John Romita Jr

Ultra: Avengers/ Mark Bagley

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