The Ultra Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is here!

When Godzilla tries to destroy the city of Tokyo, Batman is rushed to the city, only to be stopped by Shaq O'Neal and Aaron Carter, with the former beaten by the latter, and flattened by the Batmobile. But, before he could make it to the Batcave, Abraham Lincoln rose as a zombie and kills Robin. However, he uses a AK-47 from under his hat and attacks Batman. But when he ran out of bullets, Optimus Prime came to stop him. However Godzilla tries to devour Optimus Prime. And then, Shaq came back, only to be stopped by Jackie Chan. Batman was injured, and Abe threatens him with a machete. However, Abe tripped over the whip of Indiana Jones. Batman stole Indiana's gun and tries to shoot but he missed. Jackie Chan deflected the bullets. He jumped in the air, and Abe tried to polevault onto Optimus Prime, but, however, they collided and fell into a Care Bear's Stare. Descended form the heavens, Chuck Norris defeats Indiana Jones as Batman changes back into Bruce Wayne. He crushed Bruce's head in between his thighs. However, an Imaginationland Army consisting of heroes and villains, including Superman and every single Power Rangers team, try to stop him, however they beat him, and they were beaten by Mr. Rogers in a blood-stained sweater, back from the dead.

Based on the song Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon.

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