Ultra Iron Man

Ultra Iron Man is a comic book miniseries in the line of comics leading up to the comic book series Ultra: Avengers details of this characters origin has changed, He is dating Co-Worker Pepper Potts, The Chinese build him the Arc Reactor, Rhodey works for S.H.I.E.L.D and they are not friendly with eachother and Iron Man's armor has changed from being Red and Yellow to Red and Silver and he is also one of the smartest men in the world


Issue 1

Playboy Billionaire Tony Stark is the owner of Stark Industries and is one of the worlds smartest men (Along with Bruce Banner and Reed Richards) and he is assigned to go to China to sell some of his weapons to the Chinese army but while he's giving a demonstration they are attacked by A.I.M Soldiers which Stark calls "Bee keepers" He fights back but gets blown in the chest by an A.I.M Soldier with a High Tech gun, Tony finds out its his tech before passing out. He wakes up in Hospital and sees theres a cricular machine in his chest Tony panicks but a doctor calms him down and tells him its keeping him alive, Tony asks what happened and the doctor tells him he was attacked and that he was the only survivor and that they found him unconsious on the floor a few weeks later Tony gets out of Hospital and heads back to America when he gets off the plane Pepper greets him with a passionate kiss and hugs him when Tony gets home he wants revenge on A.I.M for what they did to him so he builds himself an armored suit where no one will recognize him and he will have all of his tech uploaded to the suit after he has built the suit he tests it out

Issue 2

To be added...

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