Ultra Daredevil

Ultra Daredevil is a comic book series set in the Ultra Universe, the story is differant compared to the original instead in Middle School Matt accidently mixed the wrong Chemicals and it explodes in his face burning through the safety goggles and going into his eyes also Matt's father was never a boxer but rather a man in debt with the Kingpin


The first issue explains the origin of Matt Murdock and how his father was in debt and died in front of Matt, also Stick trains Matt (In the Hospital he offers Matt a chance to control and use his new abilities Matt declines but changes his mind after the death of his father) in the second issue it shows Matt training with Stick through the years after Matt finishes his training Matt is Eighteen-Years-Old and studying law in College like his father wanted him too and in later Issues he battles the Kingpin, Bullseye and many more also he teams up with Spider-Man to defeat Electro and the Kingpin.

The 30th Issue

Karen Page breaks up with Matt and decides to move away and he meets a fellow student named Elektra who is studying Law also, Elektra takes interest in Matt and decides to give it a shot after a few dates they get together but her secret life is being an assasin and hitman for The Kingpin and her mission is to kill Daredevil

Life and Death

This issue is the final issue when Bullseye goes after Daredevil and Elektra after finding out Daredevil is Matt Murdock so Daredevil and Elektra team up to take him down. Bullseye takes them both out and he picks up Daredevil's Billy stick and throws it at him but Elektra quickly jumps in the way and saves Matt her dying words were "I love you" enraged Matt brutaly beats down and kills Bullseye at Elektra's funeral a few weeks later Daredevil gives a depressing speech. The next day Matt decides to continue his legacy as Daredevil and uses Elektra as insperation to go on.

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