Ultra X-Force

Ultra Comics: X-Force is a comic series based on the original series named Ultra: X-Men, the series stars Wolverine's teenage son Tommy and X-23


Its been Fourteen-Years since the X-Men had disbanded, Timmy Howlett is a Sixteen-Year-Old High School student who does not fit in at school because of his certain abilities, one day when he gets home from school his mother Wanda Maximoff tells him about his missing father and the Mutants who are now in hiding, Timmy feels angered after nearly Fifty years Mutants are still not excepted into society he decideds to leave home and recruit other Mutants like, Constantine Wagner (Nightcrawler's son), X-23 (Wolverine's female clone), Hope Summers (Cyclops' daughter), Erik Maximoff (Quicksilvers son), Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), and Miranda Drake (Iceman's daughter) and make a team named X-Force and protect the innocent, their base of operations are at Xaviers mansion that hasn't been used in Fourteen-Years because of his death

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