Ultra New Spider-Man 2

Ultra Comics: Spider-Man is an ongoing series set Fourteen-Years after the events of Peter Parker Jr written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Sara Pichelli, In this universe Peter Jr has the same costume as Miles Morales of the Ultimate Universe


Fourteen-Years after The Death of Spider-Man everyone has grown up and left High School like MJ, Flash, Liz, Gwen and others Aunt May is now in her 70s and everyone has moved on from Spider-Man's death Peter Jr is now starting High School, he's just like his father Smart and skinny after a week of High School Peter Jr already has a crush a best friend and a bully in Gym class Peter Jr discovers his powers by doing Athletics when he gets home he demands answers from his mother MJ, MJ upset that her son has powers decides to tell him about his father and his past after the story Peter Jr is shocked and runs away from home to his friend Wallace's house and he tells Walace that he is Spider-Man's son after Wallace suggests he carry on his fathers legacy by becoming the new Spider-Man. Junior declines by saying he is too young and Wallace replies "So was your dad he was Sixteen wasn't he?" And then Junior comes to his senses and decides to become Spider-Man. His first real battle is against R.H.I.N.O Mark II

Characters and Heroes

Peter Parker Jr 3

Peter Parker Jr Age 14

Peter Parker Jr/Spider-Man

Mary Jane Watson

Wallace (Peter Jr's best friend)

Tyson (Peter Jr's Bully)

Lily (Peter Jr's spanish crush)

May Parker

Gwen Stacy

John. Jonah. Jameson (The new publisher of the DB)

Iron Man (Tony Stark's son and Peter Jr's ally)

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

The FF (New Fantastic Four)


Daredevil (Fifteen year old Clone)

X-Force (Wolverines new team)


Kraven The Hunter (Immortal Mutant)

R.H.I.N.O Mark II (Mark I destroyed by Peter Jr's dad Fifteen Years Ago)

Blur (New Villain)


Red Goblin (Harry Osborn's clone)

Hulk (When gone Rogue)

Ultron Mark II

Predator (New Villain)

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