Ultra Comics Hulk

Ultra Comics: Hulk is a relaunch of the original title Ultra: Hulk


Its been Fourteen-Years since the Avengers had disbanded and now Bruce Banner is now 39-Years-Old and is looking for a cure for the Hulk, as he gets older Hulk is less kind and more agressive meanwhile someone named the Leader is running around the city in tights trying to enslave the Planet, so Bruce has no choice but to become the Hulk once again after years of not letting him out. After the Hulk defeated the Leader he reverted back to Bruce and he is approached by a man in an English themed suit who has asked him to join a team called the Ultras, Bruce declines stating that now the Hulk is older he is more agressive and wants to destroy everything the man introduces himself and offers him that Reed Richards may be able to help him in controlling the Hulk

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