Captain America Movie Concept by tiguybou
Ultra Captain America is a 3 part miniseries based in the 1940s it is in the line of comics leading up to Ultra Avengers.


Set in March 1942 where Steve Rogers is a weak 20-Year-Old young man and found out his 18-Year-Old best friend Bucky Barnes has been accepted in the army Steve wants to prove himself as little men aren't weak and a man named Dr. Abraham Erskine offers him a chance. Well he eventually wins the Super Soldier Serum after failing so many tests but showing his good heart and nobleness, after the procedure is complete Steve is sent (With his suit and Vibranium shield created by Howard Stark) to help the captured soldiers in Berlin including Bucky, He finds out about the agency HYDRA and Johann Schmidt (Red Skull) and after he frees the men he lets the U.S know about HYDRA then he and Bucky and other men (including 18- Year- Old Walter Richards who is Reed Richards' father) are sent to destroy HYDRA bases all over the world in 1943 Steve and Bucky find out about the main HYDRA base somewhere in Atlantic so they go their with a huge army they all battle until Steve goes into the base and battles Red Skull until he runs away on the Rocket ship powered by the Tesseract and Steve follows clinging on not far behind the Rocket ship goes straight heading to America rather than up so Steve and Red Skull battle once again and he throws Red Skull into the flames of the rocket, Unfortunately Steve could not read German and had a great feeling it wouldn't stop until it got America (He was right) so Steve using his final grenade blows it up being frozen in the ice he was found by S.H.I.E.L.D 69- Years- Later ending the miniseries


Malachi Martin- Writer

Malachi Martin- Artist

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