Ultra Iron Man Animated

Ultra: Iron Man is a TV series based on the comic miniseries Ultra: Iron Man scheduled to air on MTV in 2015 it is not a child friendly show and will feature some swearing in it




The first episode is based on Tony Stark's origin on how he got the arc reactor in his chest, in episodes after that it will show him in his adventures as Iron Man.

Tony Stark has been Iron Man for a year now and he is still inexperienced as he is only 20-Years-Old and arrogent its based on his early adventures as Iron Man as he battles Whiplash, Technovore, Iron Monger and more

The show will guest star characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Fist and more

Rumored Cast

Adrian Pasdar as Tony Stark/ Iron Man (Confirmed)

Dawn Olvieri as Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Rumor)

Bumper Robinson as James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Rumor)

Keith Szarabajka as Living Laser (Rumor)

Mackenzie Gray as Obadiah Stane/ Iron Monger (Confirmed)

Peter Kelamis as Whiplash (Confirmed)

Dave Fennoy as Nick Fury (Confirmed)

Sean Marquette as Spider-Man (Confirmed)

Justin Gross as Captain America (Rumor)

Fred Tatasciore as Hulk (Confirmed)

Season 1

The Arc Reactor

New Hero

The Fury

The Living Laser

Shield of Justice!

Along came the Spider part 1

Along came the Spider part 2

"Hulk Smash"


Resignation Part 1

Resignation Part 2

Iron vs Adamantium

Season 2

Death in a family












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