Ultra Avengers 3
Ultra: Avengers 3 The Masters of Evil is the third installment of the Ultra: Avengers animated film series, the story is more focused on Bruce Banner and how he wants to leave The Avengers and search for a cure for the Hulk


Bruce Banner is lost and unsure if he wants to keep the Hulk and help people or find a cure and be free and continue his work as a scientist, meanwhile Baron Zemo, Abomination, Wonder Man, Enchantress and Crimsom Dynamo and they all want to kill their foes, its a war The Avengers vs The Masters of Evil


Gabriel Mann as Bruce Banner

Fred Tatasciore as Hulk

Adrian Pasdar as Tony Stark/ Iron Man

Justin Gross as Steve Rogers/ Captain America

Rick D Wasserman as Thor Odinson

Andrew Francis as Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

Vanessa Marshall as Natasha Romanoff/ The Black Widow

Dave Fennoy as Nick Fury

Kari Wuhrer as Maria Hill

Robin Atkin Downes as Baron Zemo

Mark Oliver as Crimsom Dynamo

Ashleigh Ball as Enchantress

Phil LaMarr as Wonder Man

Ron Perlman as Abomination


Rotten Tomatoes stated that this is the best Ultra: Avengers film and Marvel Animated film

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