Ultimate Superman

Ultimate Superman is a comic book reboot based on DC's original Superman details of this characters origin has changed, rather than Krypton being destroyed it was invaded by a rival Planet and Kal-El/ Clark Kent was Krypton's last hope and also Kal-El/Clark started his career as Superman at 18 also instead of Clark being a reporter he is a website maintainer and Kryptonite does not weaken Clark


After Krypton found out that they were going to be invaded by a rival Planet they decided to send a child to the nearest inhabited planet so the child can be raised there and will eventually learn their powers so they decide to send infant Kal-El before Krypton could be enslaved after Kal-El landed on Earth, John and Marth Kent found the infant crying his eyes out in a huge hole Martha decided to name the infant Clark Kent and raise him as her own, Eighteen-Years-Later Clark was a grown young man and had graduated from Smallville High School Clark's plans were to finally get a job working as an intern at the Daily Planet in the well known city of Metropolis the night before Clark heads to Metropolis he is visited by his father in a dream and his father tells Clark to visit the giant hole that he was found in Eighteen-Years-Ago he does and he sees a hidden message from his father explaining to him about his Planet, his family and his powers and he sees a costume with an "S" Marked on the chest, Clark decides he loves Earth too much and he does not want Earth to suffer the same fate as Krypton so he wears the suit and becomes Superman.

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