Ultimate Spider-Man is an American animated television series based on the superhero Spider-Man comics, published by Marvel Comics, including some elements of Marvel's Ultimate line of books. The series is written by Brian Bendis (who also writes the comicbook series Ultimate Spider-Man), Paul Dini, and Man of Action (a group constisting of Steven T. Seagle, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau). It was first announced to air on Disney XD in early 2012, and debuted along side The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!' second season as part of the Marvel Universe programming block on April 1, 2012.

Season 2:

No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. airdate Prod. code
27 1 "The Green Menace" Alex Soto Joe Kelly May 4, 2013 201

Two months have passed since Spider-Man's last encounter with Green Goblin. The team are still living with Peter at the Parker home and the Goblin puts his revenge plan into motion by teaming up with the supervillain The Leader. The two masterminds try to figure out ways of destroying Spider-Man before realising that Spidey's confidence comes from his friends and release the Gamma infected supervillain group known as the U-Foes (consisting of Vector, Vapor, X-Ray and Ironclad) apon White Tiger, Nova, Iron Fist and Power Man. Green Goblin then uses this opportunity to attack Peter at school.

Introducing characters: The Leader, U-Foes (Vector, Vapor, X-Ray, Ironclad)

28 2 "TBA" Phil Pignotti Joe Kelly, Dani Wolff May 11, 2013 202
29 3 "TBA" TBA TBA May 18, 2013 203
30 4 "TBA" TBA TBA May 25, 2013 204
31 5 "Undercover" TBA TBA TBA 205
32 6 "A Day in the Life" TBA TBA TBA 206
33 7 "Vampire Hunters" TBA TBA TBA 207
34 8 "The Greatest Story Ever Told" TBA TBA TBA 208
35 9 "Spidey Day" TBA TBA TBA 209

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