Ultimate Spider-Man: Resurrection is a comic book miniseries based after the events of Death of Spider-Man and how he gets resurrected


Issue 1

The comic begins with Peter dying in Mary Jane Watson's arms and a week later it shows Nick Fury taking Peters body and replacing it with Scorpions body and injects Peter's dead body and puts it into stasis. Nine months later Peter wakes up in his battle damaged suit he has a sudden flashback of his battle with the Ultimate Six and dying in M.J's arms he then sees Fury and asks him how he is still alive, Fury then explains that he updated Osborn's Oz formula and created a cocktail from Peter's DNA and Richard Parker's "Suit" formula and tells him that there is a new Spider-Man running around the city and offers him a chance to have a normal life after he competes a very important mission

Peter resurrected

Fury offers to cure Peter of his abilities

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