Now woth Peter disappperes a new Ultimate Spider Man risI his name Miles Morales the Prowler is his uncle. Who Spidey once took down then help. But Peter was his professer/teacher he got his powers by a spider that was on his uncle's Prowler suit it bit him on the hand.


Peter dissapeares after his battle with The Sinster Six but everybody thinks he died but not Nick Fury. Days before this a boy named Miles Morles the nephew of The Prowler gets bitten by a raditoactive spider. The next day he finds out he has spider powers similr to Peter's but so different.


  • Miles Morles- The new spidey who is being trained by Nick Fury

  • Peter Parker

  • Nick Fury

  • Doctor Octopus

  • Hobgoblin

  • Vulture

  • Sandman

  • Rhino

  • Beetle

Season 1:2014-15

1|New Spider|
2|Fury or Smash|
Spider Trainning|
J.J Spider|

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