Ultimate Justice

Ultimate Justice is a reboot of DC's original Justice League and is set in the Ultimate DC universe, details of the teams origin have changed e.g the Justice League was created by the government to unite the greatest Superheroes so they can fight off dangerous threats and the team can only have members that are Seventeen and up, the Government knows the identities of each superhero


After 3 Months more superheroes kept popping up and they all proved themselves to be great superheroes but they were illegal so the government decided to make Superheroes legal only if they would allow them to unite them as a team called Ultimate Justice to take down impossible threats. Later on in the series Superman and Wonder Woman confess their feelings for each other and kiss and end up sleeping with each other which means the start of a relationship
Kissy kissy

Superman and Wonder Woman




The Flash

Green Lantern

Wonder Woman



Blue Beetle (Briefly until the Government found out he was Fifteen)

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