Ultimate Flash

Ultimate Flash is a reboot of DC's original Flash and is set in the Ultimate DC Universe details of the character's origin has changed, e.g Barry Allen's name has been changed to Bart Allen, Bart started his carrer as the Flash at the age of Seventeen and is still in Central City High School also Iris West is not present in this timeline and Bart is dating fellow High School student Ginger Flows


Seventeen-Year-Old Bart Allen is not very popular at school and is being bullied by the Central City High School jocks one day his school offered the students a trip to the Central City Police Department labs, Bart jumped at the chance and signed up they school arrived at C.C.P.D labs and see a few presentations suddenly a storm hit the labs and destroyed some chemicles and sent them flying and was about to hit a school girl so Bart jumps and pushes her out of the way and gets splashed by the chemicles and puts him into a three week coma when Bart wakes up he feels automatically better so he goes back to school. During school he is in Gym class and he is doing sports he has to race all the jocks and he wins after he passes the track his Gym coach told him he past with in 5.6 Seconds, Bart is stunned by the revelation and realises the Chemicles that splashed on him gave him the powers of Speed the first person he tells is his best friend Kyle Ryder and Kyle suggests he should become a superhero Bart declines and says its too dangerous and his parents will be torn if he dies as a superhero but then Kyle finally manages to convince him Bart then tells him he does not know how to sow a suit so Kyle volunteers instead about a week later Bart puts on his costume and becomes the Flash

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