Ultimate Brawl: The Crossover is a new brawling game by Nintendo, Rovio, Phillips DVD, Fox Digital Enertainment, and Warner Bros. Games. It centers around a crossover.


The chracters are divided into two, non-canon groups: the Alliance and the Chaos Men.

  • = A unlockable.

Ultimate Brawl: The Crossover Roster
The Alliance The Chaos Men

Mario (Mario)

Red Bird (Angry Birds)

Mario Head (Youtube Poop)

Weegee (Youtube Poop)

Luigi* (Mario) Bowser* (Mario)
Hotel Mario (Hotel Mario) Ganon (Zelda CD-I/Youtube Poop)
Hotel Luigi* (Hotel Mario) Dr. Robotnik (Youtube Poop)
Blue Bird (Angry Birds) King Pig (Angry Birds)
Yellow Bird (Angry Birds) Alfred E. Newman* (MAD)
The King (Zelda CD-I/Youtube Poop) Grounder (Youtube Poop)
Malleo* (Youtube Poop)

Helmet Pig (Angry Birds)

Link (Zelda CD-I/Youtube Poop) Nigel (Rio)
Black Bird (Angry Birds) Mauro* (Rio)
White Bird* (White Bird) Tazmanian Devil* (Looney Tunes)

Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

Chracters in DLC Pack

Hotel Bowser (Hotel Mario)

Daffy Duck* (Looney Tunes) Pink Bird* (Angry Birds)
Waweegee* (Youtube Poop)

Female Pigs (Angry Birds vs Mario video)

Walleo* (Youtube Poop) Tenerce* (Angry Birds)
Blu (Rio) Donkey Kong (DK)
Jewel (Rio) Yoshi (Mario)
Green Bird* (Angry Birds)

Orange Bird* (Angry Birds)


Dinner Blaster (Youtube Poop)

Slingshot (Angry Birds)

Bricks (Angry Birds)

Mushroom (Mario)

Item Block Kick (Hotel Mario)

Sword (Youtube Poop)

Mega Mushroom (Mario)

Fire Extingisher (Rio)

Sketch Maker (MAD)


Obey X, Destroy Y: Wario will come and hypnotize the opponents.

Die Bolt: The Kings Die Bolt will strike three times.

Marmosets: a group of Marmosets will attack the opponets.

Nico and Pedro: Nico will throw his hat at the enemy, and Pedro will fire fruit at the enemy.

Yoshis: A herd of Yoshis will trample the opponets.

Porky Pig: Porky Pig will contantly taunt the enemy.

Helmet Pig Army: A group of Helmet Pigs will get out they're tank from level 4-9 and their sniper rifle from 4-10 and fire at the enemy.

Waluigi: Waluigi will constantly spank the enemies with his tennis racket.

Robotnik's Henchmen: Robotniks henchmen will fire their enemies with lasers.

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