Here's the list.

Season 1

This was the first season of the TV series. In some episodes, It features suprise apperances of characters from other shows other than Uglydolls.

# Name Description Debuts Memes Included Code Number
1 Tall Ugly's Island Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat, & Groody get stranded on a island called "Tall Ugly's Island" Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat, Groody, Tall Ugly, Coco (As a villian) Wilhelm Scream, Balls of Steel 101
2 Cookie Avalanche Babo tries to climb a mountain of cookies without eating them. None Medic! 102
3 Miami Speedway

Wage enters a Scooter racing contest in Miami.

Tutulu, Big Toe None 103
4 Central Park Craziness Ox & Wedgehead are having a fine day until everything (and everyone) goes crazy! Ox, Wedgehead, Netural Uglies, Uglypenguin Trololo, Gotta Move That Gear Up! 104
5 Going Tokyo Wage's trip to Tokyo with Babo gets on a wild and wacky situation! Train Staff Uglies None 105
6 Kasoogi's Playhouse Kasoogi opens up a arcade called "Kasoogi's Playhouse". Kasoogi, Poe, Chuckanunka, Game Collider (As a villian) Guile's Theme 106
7 Yo Mama said...... Babo enters a Yo Mama contest


Simpsons 'HAHA 107

More to come!

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