- Characters of Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Paramount, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, MGM, American International Pictures, Universal, and other properties made appearances.
- in the Atlantica/Oceana/Atlantis level, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Sora, Merliah Summers, Lois Lane, Maggie, The Triplets (Max, Zack and Oscar), Emily, Gidget, Billie (The Enchanted Square), Wendy, John, Michael, Tinker Bell, etc are merpeople of all ages and sizes, The Berenstain Bears and other denizens of Bear Country are Seals or Walruses, Little Bear, Mother Bear and Father Bear are also Seals or Walruses, and of course, other animals are sea creatures.
- Satan reverts Timmy Turner to Nega-Timmy and becomes Satan's minion.
- Satan also reverts Rainbow Clown to Mister Mime and becomes Satan's minion.
- Ms. Doombringer, Princess Mandie, Weremole, Le Quack, Cajun Fox, Muhammad, Mark Chang, and other villains, antagonists and bosses return for revenge against everyone.
- Hell is Satan's lair from South Park.
- Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Nellie, Cinderella, Lois Lane, Baloo, Tigger, Jiminy Cricket, Persephone, Snow White and her prince, Frankie the Canary, Brer Rabbit, Humphrey the Bear, Alice, her sister and her kitten Dinah, and other classic Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, MGM and more cartoon characters of the past made all the appearances in the Golden Hollywood/ACME Factory/Maroon Studios/Roger Rabbit's Toontown level.
- Curtain of Cruelty destroys Roger Rabbit's Toontown by making Toons, especially Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, and Benny the Cab, angry, cruel, mean, and nasty.
- This reuses and recycles elements from Movies, Cartoon Shorts, Live-Action Shorts, Film Serials, TV Shows and other sources and media such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Modern Warfare, I.M. Meen, etc
- The Studio Theatre, from WDSP's Cinemagique, has posters for movies, shorts and film serials, and a theater with all the elevated seats and balcony seats.
and more

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