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Five Years Ago the Series Transformers Animated was The series that premiered on Cartoon Network in the year 2007 and it went all the way to 2009 to end the Show. Many of you thought the show would end but now it's Not Transformers Animated returns but now for a Fourth season As Optimus, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Ratchet return for the very first time and Joining the Team is Ironhide and Jazz for Season 4 Ironhide will recieve his Movie incarnations and his Cannons from the Movie series and his windshields on his Chest from G1 Jazz will have his movie incarnations also. Also joining the Main cast is Jolt from the Movieverse he will be in his movie Incarnations and his Electro Whips Also joining the Team is Sideswipe he will recieve his Movie Incarnations and his Cybertronian Swords and New characters will be introduce to the 4th season Like New Autobots and New Decepticons to the Team and Sari will still be in the show it is unknown if Sam Witwicky, Mikaela, and Lennox and TEAM NEST will be in this.

Returning Characters


1. Optimus Prime: Leader of the Autobots and the Main Character of this Show.

2. Bumblebee:The yellow Camaro autobot who is Most Look Like the Bumblebee from the Film Series.

3. Ratchet: He is the Medical Officer and an old Friend of Optimus as his 1st in Command. His Incarnations is the same in Animated.

4. Bulkhead: He was the Main Character of Animated but he is still in the show but he will be Replaced by Ironhide although he will be seen as a major character in the show.

5. Jazz: He had a larger Role in the Previous season now He joins optimus Prime and his Team. His incarnations includes his Ponatic Solstice

6. Ironhide: He didn't had Much of a role in the Show he was a Minor character as an autobot But now he Will Join Optimus Prime and team Prime Replacing Bulkhead. He will have a Incarnations from His Movieverse including his Cannons and his Windshields on His Chest.

7. Sari Sumdac: She was a Human at First in Season 1 and Season 2 but Now she is a Autobot and is One of the Main Characters of Season 4 she now joins Team Prime to Aid Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

8. Omega Supreme: The autobot ship A.K.A the Ark he is the mightest autobot of All.

9. Beachcomber: he will return for a Major Role.

10. Kup: He will return to the Show and Recieve a Larger Role in the Show.

11. Air Raid: One of the Autobot Subgroups,The Aerialbots he will first appear in the series alongside Silverbolt.

12. Wreck-Gar- The autobot who was awakened by the allspark. He will Join Optimus Prime and Team Prime.

13. Brawn: The Strongest of all autobots he is the guy with all the stuff in it.

14. Red Alert: Another of the Medic Autobots he transforms into a Cybertronian Ambulence Van.

15. Arcee: She is a Friend of the autobots and is female Autobot.

16. Hot Shot: Commander to Rodimus Prime and a youngest autobot to all.

17. Rodimus: Although he had a minor role in the Series but now in Season 4 he will be bought back to Life.

18. Alpha Tron: The Oldest and a member of the autobot council as Vice.

19. Pipes: He will Return to the Show for A Major Role.

20. Ultra Magnus: He was a autobot Supreme Commander and Held the Skyhammer but now he will be Back to be brought back alive In Season 4.

21. Sentinel Prime: The most and Elite Commander of the Autobots now in Season 4 he will be having a major role like in Season 1 and Season 2 but he is Known to be Optimus's Rival and it is Unknown if He will be nice to Optimus.

22. Cliffjumper: He is a Red cybertronian autobot and Worked as a Sentinel Minor.

23. Jetfire and Jetstorm: Twin brothers of the autobots and are Junior Officers. They transform into Jets in the show.

24. Springer: He didn't appear in many episodes in the Animated Series but now he will appear in the show. He will transform into a Green Cybertronian Helicopter.

25. Warpath: He is the Elite Security autobot and He will come back to the series for a Major Role.

26. Silverbolt: He is also Known as Sky Commander Silverbolt he will appear in Season 4 he will have his Incarnations from Generation 1.

27. Seaspray: He didn't appear in that much Episodes but now will have a Major Role in Season 4.

28. Cosmos: He only appear in Two Episodes in Season 3 but will return for a major Role in Season 4.

29. Hot Shot: He didn't had a much role in the Series but He will return for Season 4 for a Bigger Role.

30. Wheeljack: He didn't appear in the Transformers animated Series but will appear and have a larger role in Season 4 as autobot minister of science.

31. Preceptor: The second Member of the Ministry of Science autobots he Appeared in a couple of Episodes but will come back for season 4.

32. Autotrooper: Safeguards of the Elite Guard. He will return alongside his Allies to the show For a Major Role.

33. Grimlock: Leader of a Autobot Subgroup called Dinobots He will Come back to the show Alongside Snarl, Swoop, Sludge, and Slag to Join Team Prime with Optimus Prime. He is also known as Leader of the Dinobots.

34. Swoop: The Second dinobot member and is known as Bombarider Swoop and is know as Senestive One. He will join team prime

35. Bumper: He will return to the Show for a Major Role for Season 4.

36. Chase: He will return to the show for a Major Role in Season 4.

37. Snarl: The third member of Dinobots and is Known as Quiet One and is the Smasher. He will Join Team Prime

38. Sludge: He is the fourth member of the Dinobots and is The Dim One and he can Defend his Group and Joins team Prime.

39. Slag: He is the Bad boy of the Dinobots and is final member of the Dinobots and is Cutter of the Dinobots he will also join Team Prime.

40. Tracks: He appeared in only one Episode this is why i hate Machines but in Season 4 he will return and have a Major role in this show.

41. Cheetor: Will Be revived in the Show and Will Come back and have a Major role In Season 4. He will join Team Prime.

42. Flareup: She will Return to The show and have a Major Role in Season 4.

43. Hubcap: He didn't Appear that much in The series but For season 4 he will return for a Major Role.


1. Megatron: Leader and Triple Changer of the Decepticons in Season 3 he was arrested alongside Lugnut and Shockwave.

2. Blackarachnia: She is an evil Decepticon many years ago She was known as Elita-1 a former autobot but now as a spider decepticon she returns for revenge in season 4 She might turn back into Elita-1 if she remembers her past.

3. Shockwave: The main Antonginst of this Series he will return in the series as he Megatron and Lugnut breakout of prison.

4. Blitzwing: He was a Main Decepticon although In Endgame Part II he was arrested with Megatron, Shockwave and Lugnut. Though he will Return to the show When Megatron, Shockwave, Himself, and Lugnut are free from prison.

5. Dirt Boss and Mixmaster: Although they survived and Escaped and about to find Scrapper they might return hopefully either for a small role or a large role whichever Transformers Animated fans want to Vote For.

6. Lockdown: He returns to the series although last time In Season 3 Episode five servos of Doom he escaped from the autobots he will return if he gets back to the show.

7. Laserbeak: He only appeared in One Episode of the Animated Series he will come back to the show to get back with Soundwave.

8. Swindle: He will come back to the show but we dont know which role he will get.

9. Thundercracker: He was one of the Decepticons remaing alongside Skywarp and Swindle to Survive although he might come back or not.

10. Skywarp: He is one of the Decepticons who had survived with Swindle and Thundercracker it is unknown if he will Have a Role in the Show.

11. Strika: She was last seen with her team and was Uncaptured she might return to the show.

12. Blackout: Last time Seen in Transwarped where he and his Team had escaped and Survived he will be with Megatron in the Show Reciving his Movie Incarnations.

13. Cyclonus: He might return to the show His fate is Unknown.

14. Spittor: He will come back to the show with the same incarnation in the Animated version.

15. Thrust: His first time in the show he will have his G1 Incarnations.

16. Dirge: He is one of Starscream's Clones he will have his first time in the show.

17. Sunstorm: He was last time Seen Captured by the Autobots He will come back to the show but his role is Unknown.

18. Ramjet: He was captured and last time seen on Cybertron in the Season 3 Finale but he will return to the show but i don't know which role i would put him in.

New Characters


1. Sam Witwicky: The human from the live action movies although it is Unknown if he would be in the Show with Mikaela, Lennox and Team Nest.

2. Mikaela: Sam's Friend from TF(2007) And Revenge of the Fallen although she Didn't Return to Dark of The Moon she might appear in the Show but it is Unknown if She will be in the Show.

3. Leo Splitz: He might appear in the Show although He only appeared in Revenge of The Fallen but not Dark of The Moon.

4. Lennox and Team Nest: They are the Best team fighters and Defenders of Earth.

5. Agent Simmons: He might be in the Show alongside the live action Characters but it is Unknown Which Role will He be in.


1. Sideswipe: He is Cybertron's most Dual autobot he is The Reconnist of the autobots He will receive his Movie Incarnations and His Swords. In the Show he Transforms into a Chevy Corvette Silver. He will Join Team prime and have a Larger role.

2. Jolt- The autobot's most Rookie of all He will receive his Movie Incarnations and Electro Whips from Revenge of The Fallen he Transforms into a Chevy Volt.

3. Skids and Mudflap(SkidsFlap)- The junior officers of the Autobot elite Guard they will receive his Movie Counterpart means he Will transform into Futurstic Chevy Spark from Dark of The Moon although they did not appear in the Third film they will combine themselves into Skidsflap and Join Team Prime.

4. Air Raid: He is the autobot that was Supposed to Appear in the Series but In Season four he Will Join the Team Prime and help the autobots.

5. Silverbolt: He did not appear in The Series but he will Appear in Season 4 of the show he is the autobot Sky commander of the Elite Guard of the Autobots.

6. Blaster: He Didn't Appear throughout the Season 1, 2, and 3 of Transformers Animated but he will be the first to come to the Show.

7. Mirage: Although he didn't make an Appearance in the Show but In Season 4 he will have many appearances in the show And will Appear in his Movie Counterpart as Dino from Dark of the Moon. He will also recieves his Weapons from the Third Film.

8. Leadfoot, Roadbuster, Topspin and Steeljaw: They are a Group of Autobots known as the Wreckers and are part of the Autobot Elite Guard they are Elite Securties of the Autobot Elite Guard alongside Springer.

9. Chromia: She will have an appearance in the Show Being with The Autobot Elite Guard. She will have her Movie counterpart recieving her Blue Motorcycle from Revenge of The Fallen.

10. Depth Charge: He is the New Character of this Show he will appear in this Show and Have a Major Role.

11. Wing Saber: He is the Mightest autobot of all and will be new to the Show.

12. Wingblade: He will be the new autobot to the show and Join Team Prime.

13. Scrounge: He will be new it is Unknown What role he will get.

14. Sunstreaker: He is new to the Show he and Sideswipe are Twins which means they are twin Bros.

15. Trailbreaker: He is the Newest Autobot to the Show he will appear in Season 4 and will recieve a Major Role.

16. Huffer: He will be in The Show but he will be having a Major Role.

17. Inferno: He will become a new member of the Elite Guard autobots.

18. Smokescreen: He is going to Become one of the New Autobot Characters in The Show

19. Windcharger: He will join the Team Prime and Become a New character.

20. Outback: He will be in this Show and Recieves His Counterpart from Generation 1.

21. Tailgate: New to the Season 4 Animated Series and Becomes a New autobot to the Cast of Animated.

22. Eject: new to the show And Joins the Elite Guard

23. Rossena: She will Become a Member of the Elite Guard also Known as Singer Rosenna.

24. Rewind: A DJ Character which means New Character.


New Decepticons

1. Brawl: He will be Joining Team Megatron for the Fight against the Autobots He will recieve his Movie Counterpart.

2. Barricade: New to the Show and Will recieve his Movie Counterpart

3. Sideways: Joins team Megatron and Recieving His Movie Counterpart

4. Demolisher: Will Become New to the Show Recieving his Movie counterpart

5. Bonecrusher: He will Recives his Movie Counterpart.

6. Grindor: Will be New and Reciving his Movie Counterpart

More New Decepticons and Info Coming Soon...

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