Transformers: Ultimate Showdown is a video game that will be released for the Wii, Xbox 360, 3DS, and DS in 2013.


List of TF: US Characters



"Autobots, Transform and roll out!"-Optimus Prime

"You are a fool, you are!"-Tarantulas

"I will destroy the Autobots once and for all!"-Megatron

"O yes indeed!"-Megatron (BW)

"Try your best, Megatrons!"-the Optimus Primes


Out on the field, the Autobots are battling against the Decepticons, when the 'Cons have a secret weapon. Animated Megatron and his Decepticons pop out of nowhere, beating the Autobots. When he's almost killed, Optimus Prime sees his Animated counterpart comes out of nowhere to rescue Prime. Back at the Metroplex base, in the Animated-verse, the G1 Autobots realize that the Decepticons are up to no good. Animated Optimus shows his backup....the Prime Autobots. After getting to know each other, the three squads of Autobots set out to the Moon.

At the Moon, the two Megatrons and their united army are waiting. Suddenly, the Autobots pop up, which a mighty clash takes place, until G1 Megatron sees a helper from another Earth...BW Megatron. The mighty Predacon dinosaur leads the Predacons and the Vehicons....borrowed from his future (BM) counterpart. the two armies duel, until the Autobots are outnumbered and outgunned. The 'Bots retreat, seeking to even the odds by journing to the alternate dimension of the Beast Wars.

At Pre-Earth, Optimus Primal welcomes the three Primes and their groups. The Maximals aare busy fighting of the Vehicons from the Prime universe, so the 3 Autobot Groups and Optimus Primal help them out. Meanwhile, in Mission City, The Autobots are fighting the Decepticons, and after Prime finishes off Megs, Starscream, and Grindor, he encounters Galvatron (BW ll). As Galvs is not alone, for he has his entire Predacon army with him. The Movie Autobots fight the Preds, the Autobots winning. Then, the 3 Autobot Squads plus the Maximals (now known as the Autobot Alliance) Get to know Prime and battle the Predacons together. Meanwhile, Megatron (BW) has a arguement with his future self, Megatron (BM), if they should convice the Megatrons (G1 and Armada) into making a army. Then the Megatrons persuade the other Megatrons to create the Decepticon Army to fight the Autobots. Then they make the Decepticons of tons of universes into their army! The Primes sense the danger of this army, and rally back by making the Autobot Army with almost every Autobot in the multiverse. Multiple clashes occur....


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