Transformers: The Wreckers Chronicles is an American animated series that is based on Hasbro's best-selling toy line. It's scheduled to premier on The Hub sometimes in 2016 and the Re-runs will be premier on Cartoon Network. The television series of the show is actually based off the adaption of the comic series throught IDW Publishbings "Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers". The anime-like animation is provided the assimilarites itself by the Japanese company Madhouse. Hasbro Studios, and Bad Robot Productions will produced the show respectively.




Characters: Voiced by: Form:
Optimus Prime Peter Cullen semi-truck
Springer Nathan Fillion helicopter
Ultra Magnus Xander Berkeley car carrier
Kup R. Lee Ermey pick up truck
Broadside Fred Tatasciore aircraft carrier
Guzzle Bill Faggerbakke tank
Perceptor Jim Ward maser tank
Roadbuster Adam Baldwin armoured car
Sandstorm Cam Clarke dune buggy
Scoop Chris Cox earth mover
Topspin Stephen Stanton jet
Twin Twist Stephen Stanton drill tank
Whirl Peter McNicol helicopter
Rotorstrom Yuri Lowenthal helicopter
Impactor Michael Ironside half track tank
Leadfoot John DiMaggio nascar
Arcee Sumalee Montano motorcycle
Ironfist Nolan North humvee
Hyperion Rick D. Wasserman scapeship
Crest Kevin Michael Richardson winged gunship

John DeLancie

Pyro Robin Atkin Downes fire truck
Turbofire Rick D. Wasserman hot rod pick up truck
Kick-Off Jason Marsden car
Hot Rod Will Friedle muscle car
Jackpot Tony Oliver coupe
Flame Dwight Schultz tank
Fortress Maximus Steven Blum army base/jumbo jet
Tyrest Bruce Greenwood unknown
Nightbeat Greg Ellis car
Xaaron Jim Ward unknown
Prowl Crispin Freeman police car
Brainstorm Fred Tatasciore jet
Dogfight Tom Kenny jet
Crosshairs Jim Cummings armoured carrier
Skyfall Eric Loomis unknown
Wheeljack John DiMaggio rally car
Downshift Keith Ferguson sportscar
Camshaft Reno Wilson sportscar
Overdrive James C. Mathis III convertible car


Characters: Voiced By: Form:
Galvatron Mark Hamill laser cannon
Cyclonus Rick D. Wasserman jet
Scourge Samuel Witwer cybertronian aircraft
Megatron Frank Welker pistol
Skyquake Robin Atkin Downes jet
Overlord Ron Perlman jet/tank/heavy-armed advanced base
Stalker Peter Jessop tank
Fearswoop Stephen Stanton jet
Wingblazer John Kassir monoplane
Borehole Fred Tatasciore drill tank
Black Shadow Jeff Bennett cybertronian jet fighter
Snare Quinton Flynn jet
Sixshot Keith David tank/spaceship/gun/off-road vehicle/winged-wolf
Treadshot Rene Auberjonois unknown
Macabre Keith Szarabajka bat-winged air current glider
Earthquake Gregg Berger unknown
Ferak Nolan North hunter-seeker skyship
Triton Steven Blum amoured carrier
Crosscut Jeff Bennett sportscar
Shockwave Corey Burton ray gun
Octane Nolan North airliner
Slipstream Claudia Black jet
Knockout Daran Norris sportscar
Falcon Chris Edgerly jet
Breakdown Adam Baldwin nascar
Lockdown Lance Henriksen hummer
Oil Slick Michael T. Weiss motorcycle
Makeshift Kevin Michael Richardson shape-shifting chameleon/bulldozer
Snapdragon Fred Tatasciore medieval dragon/bullet train
Apeface Diedrich Bader gorilla/armoured carrier
Airachnid Gina Torres tarantula/helicopter
Thunderwing Steven Blum jet
Fang Johnathan Frakes amoured personnel carrier
Tornado Andre Sogliuzzo unknown
Sunstorm Charlie Adler jet fighter
Steamhammer Phil Morris jet fighter/tank


Characters: Voiced By:
Verity Carlo Rachel McFarlene
Hunter O'Nion Blake Lewis
Jimmy Pink Milo Ventimiglia


Andrea Romano - Casting and Voice Director

J. J. Abrams - Executive Director, and Co-Producer

Opening & Closing Themes:

Opening: "The Wreckers Chronicles" by ???

Ending: "The Wreckers Chronicles" by ???

Toy Line:

Wave 1/4:

Wave 2/4

Wave 3/4:

Wave 4/4:

Distributed By:

Bad Robot Productions, Darby Pop Productions, & Hasbro Studios(all nations)

Effects and animation of Autobots and Decepticons are also provided by Madhouse.

Broadcasting Companies:

  • The Hub(USA)
  • Cartoon Network(re-runs)(USA)
  • Cartoon Network(Latin America)
  • TV Tokyo(Japan)
  • ABC3(Australia)
  • Teletoon (Canada)
  • SET One (South Korea)
  • Hero TV (Phillippines)


  • TV-Y7-FV(USA)

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