Transformers: Prime, also known as Transformers: Prime - The Animated Series, is an American computer-animated tevelvision series based on the Transformers toy franchise by Hasbro. It airs on The Hub in the United States. The series broadcasted its first two episodes on Friday, November 26, 2010, at 4:00pm Eastern/3:00pm Central on The Hub television network, as a special preview. It broadcasted officially on Monday, November 29, 2010, at 6:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Central. On February 11, 2011, the series started to air new episodes, under the name of Transformers: Prime – The Animated Series. Other channels air the series internationally. The second season aired on February 18, 2012. A third season has been announced to air in 2013.

The first season became available for instant streaming through Netflix on April 5, 2012. The second season will be available in late 2012/early 2013.

The series has received universal acclaim, as well as a positive number of viewers. Transformers: Prime is rated TV-Y7-FV, despite its darker, more violent tone. Many references/Easter eggs to other Transformers continuities have appeared in the series, but have not been fully explained.

Series Overview:

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 26 November 29, 2010 October 15, 2011
2 26 February 18, 2012 N/A

Season 1: (2010-11)

In Jasper Nevada, three young humans, Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai and Rafael Esquivel, are accidentally caught in the crossfire in a fight between enormous robots that transform into vehicles. They are taken to the base of the Autobots, where Autobot leader Optimus Prime explains that he and his team, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee, are bio-mechanical aliens from the planet Cybertron, and not long ago the Autobots had a devastating war against the warlord Megatron and his followers, the Decepticons. While this is going on, Megatron returns from a three-year-long exile in deep space, bringing with him Dark Energon, a substance able to revive dead Transformers as mindless zombies, and sets out to raise a vast army of the undead and conquer the galaxy. Later Megatron is seen in front of the spacebridge waiting for his army of the undead to come through the spacebridge, however the spacebridge explodes and Megatron is seen no more...

After Megatron's supposed death during the explosion that destroyed the Decepticon's Space Bridge, Starscream appoints himself as the new Decepticon leader but, much to his annoyance, Megatron is found barely alive in the wreckage of the Space Bridge. Megatron remains in a coma for a large portion of season 1, until he returns to power and punishes Starscream severely for his actions. Throughout the series, Jack, Miko, and Rafael develop closer bonds with the Autobots, and several new characters are introduced, including the Autobot Wheeljack, the Decepticons Airachnid, Knock Out, Breakdown, Makeshift and Skyquake, and the human terrorist group M.E.C.H. At the end of the season, the Autobots form an uneasy alliance with Megatron when the Earth is threatened by the ancient and destructive being Unicron.

No. # Episode Title Director Writer(s) Prod. code
1 1 "Darkness Rising, Part 1" David Hartman Duane Capizzi 101
In Jasper, Nevada, three young humans, Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai and Rafael Esquivel, are accidentally caught in the crossfire in a fight between giant, mechanical aliens that transform into ordinary vehicles. The three kids are taken to the base of the Autobots, where their leader Optimus Prime explains that they are a race of autonomous robotic organisms from the far-off planet Cybertron, and they are fighting over their life-source, Energon, with the Decepticons, with whom they once had a war with.
2 2 "Darkness Rising, Part 2" David Hartman Nicole Dupac 102
The Decepticon leader Megatron returns from a three-year exile with a plan to exploit the life-giving properties of a mysterious substance called 'Dark Energon', also known as the 'Blood of Unicron'. The Autobots storm an Energon mine in search of their lost comrade Cliffjumper, only to discover that his dead body has been revived as a ravenous zombie by Dark Energon.
3 3 "Darkness Rising, Part 3" Todd Waterman Marsha Griffin 103
Optimus Prime and Ratchet head out to investigate Megatron's activities while Arcee and Bumblebee go on patrol, leaving Bulkhead with the three kids. However, complications arise when Soundwave kidnaps the Autobot allied human Agent William Fowler, with Starscream wishing to learn the location of the Autobot base.
4 4 "Darkness Rising, Part 4" Shaunt Nigoghossian Steven Melching 104
Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee sneak on to the Decepticon's flagship, The Nemesis, to rescue Agent Fowler, while Optimus and Ratchet fight off Megatron and a horde of Dark Energon zombies.
5 5 "Darkness Rising, Part 5" Vinton Heuch Joseph Khur 105
With the Decepticons completing their Space Bridge to Cybertron, Optimus Prime and the Autobots race to stop Megatron from opening the Bridge and bringing forth a vast army of Dark Energon zombies from the Transformers' dead home planet.
6 6 "Masters and Students" Todd Waterman David Slack 106
Following Megatron's supposed death at the end of the previous episode, Starscream asserts himself as the new Decepticon leader, but to his annoyance, he finds that the troops don't respect him as much they did Megatron. In order to gain their respect, Starscream awakens Skyquake, a legendary Decepticon warrior who was in a state of hibernation on Earth for centuries, and attempts to recruit him into his new army. Meanwhile, Ratchet agrees to help Jack, Miko and Rafael with their school science projects, with explosive results.
7 7 "Scrapheap" Shaunt Nigoghossian Marsha Griffin 107
While on a scouting mission in the Arctic, Bulkhead and Bumblebee find a crashed pod buried in the ice. They bring it back to base for examination, and Optimus Prime and Arcee venture out into the Arctic to find clues on the pod's origin. While they are out, the other Autobots discover that the pod contains a large swarm of Scraplets, a vicious and highly dangerous form of Cybertronian wildlife that eats metal. The Scraplets infest the Autobot base, devouring any metal in sight and damaging the Ground Bridge, leaving Optimus and Arcee stranded in the Arctic.
8 8 "Con Job" Vinton Heuch Steven Melching 108
The Autobots receive a message from Wheeljack, an old friend of Bulkhead's from the days of the war, who is visiting Earth while journeying across the galaxy. Upon picking up the message's signal, Starscream and Soundwave capture Wheeljack before he can meet the Autobots, and send in Makeshift, a Decepticon spy able to take on any form, disguised as Wheeljack to discover the location of the Autobot base.
9 9 "Convoy" Todd Waterman Joseph Kuhr 109
Agent Fowler asks for the Autobots' assistance in transporting a powerful nuclear device to a military base, but since sending such a device through the Ground Bridge could be potentially dangerous, they have to travel by road. Along the way, the Autobots are ambushed by M.E.C.H., a terrorist organisation who wish to steal the nuclear device and use it for their own nefarious purposes.
10 10 "Deus Ex Machina" Shaunt Nigoghossian Nicole Dupac 110
The Autobots discover that an Energon Harvester, an ancient and powerful device from Cybertron's distant past, is on display in a history museum, and they attempt to retrieve it with Jack, Miko and Rafael's aid before it falls into the wrong hands. However, Starscream also learns of the Harvester's whereabouts, and sends Soundwave, along with new Decepticons Knock Out and Breakdown, to obtain it.
11 11 "Speed Metal" Vinton Heuck Dean Stefan 111
In an attempt to get even with school bully Vince, as well as impress his crush Sierra, Jack convinces Bumblebee to help him win an illegal street race. However, things go awry when Knock Out gets involved in the action, kidnapping Vince in the belief that he is Bumblebee's human partner.
12 12 "Predatory"

Todd Waterman

Marsha Griffin 112
Jack accompanies Arcee on a routine scouting mission in a forest, where they discover a crashed space ship in a clearing. They soon discover that the owner of the ship, the deadly and ruthless Decepticon Arachnid, is still prowling the forest in search of a human to hunt, putting Jack in danger...
13 13 "Sick Mind" Shaunt Nigoghossian Steven Melching 113
While exploring the wreckage of a crashed Autobot space ship in a desert, Optimus Prime is infected with Cybonic Plague, a deadly virus that leaves him in a critical condition and close to death. Arcee and Bumblebee sneak on to The Nemesis in order to find a cure for the virus, but during their search they make a shocking discovery...
14 14 "Out of His Head" Vinton Heuch Nicole Dupac 114
Following the events of the previous episode, Megatron's sub-concious has mistakenly downloaded into Bumblebee's head. Megatron manipulates Bumblebee's mind in a plan to return to his original body and reclaim Decepticon leadership. Meanwhile, Starscream steals the lens from a powerful space telescope and attempts to use it to melt through Arctic ice to gain access to an underground Energon deposit.
15 15 "Shadowzone" Todd Waterman Marsha Griffin 115
After successfully returning to full health, Megatron severely beats Starscream for his treachery. Angered by this turn of events, Starscream attempts to use a shard of Dark Energon to revive the dead body of Skyquake. His plan is foiled by the Autobots though, and both they and Starscream request a Ground Bridge at the same time (the Autobots upon discovering that Miko has followed them through onto the battlefield). as a result, two Ground Bridges appear at once, causing a malfunction that leaves Jack, Miko and Rafael in a parallel dimension, along with the revived and zombified body of Skyquake...
16 16 "Operation: Breakdown" Shaunt Nigoghossian Steven Melching 116
During a fight with Bulkhead in an abandoned town, Breakdown is captured by M.E.C.H., who wish to dismantle him and research his inner workings. Optimus Prime and Starscream both lead separate rescue missions to save Breakdown.
17 17 "Crisscross" Vinton Heuch Joseph Kuhr 117
Airachnid teams up with M.E.C.H. in a plot to kidnap Jack's mother June, intending to use her as bait to lure Jack and Arcee to M.E.C.H.'s hideout, so Arcee can be captured and used in M.E.C.H.'s experiments.
18 18 "Metal Attraction" Todd Waterman Nicole Dupac 118
Bulkhead and Arcee, with Miko tagging along, are sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate a bizarre energy signal. They discover that the signal is coming from a Polarity Gauntlet, a weapon that manipulates magnetic fields, however, they soon come into conflict with Airachnid and Breakdown, who both want the Gauntlet for themselves.
19 19 "Rock Bottom" Shaunt Nigoghossian Tim Jones 119
Bulkhead, Arcee, Jack and Miko investigate an old Decepticon Energon mine that was supposedly stripped clean. Megatron and Starscream arrive shortly after, with Megatron accusing Starscream of hoarding Energon, and revealing that he knows about Starscream's other treacherous acts. Megatron is about to kill his devious second-in-command when he notices Jack and Arcee, and immediately opens fire on them. This accidentally causes a massive cave-in, leaving everyone trapped inside the mine with no way out.
20 20 "Partners" Vinton Heuch Mike Johnsson 120
Megatron sends Starscream and Airachnid to the site of a crashed Decepticon ship in order to recover The Immobilizer, a powerful weapon with the ability to freeze Cybertronians in their tracks. But after the Autobots discover Starscream bound up in Airachnid's web, they are surprised when Starscream states that he wishes to join them...
21 21 "T.M.I." Todd Waterman Joseph Kuhr 121
Miko rushes out onto the battlefield during a fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons, who are fighting over a Data Cylinder, a device containing knowledge of Cybertronian society. As Miko attempts to push the Cylinder into an open Ground Bridge, she accidentally activates it, which downloads all of its information, in this case the formula for a Synthetic Energon, into Bulkhead's brain. Soon, Bulkhead begins to rhyme off the complicated formula, painting the equation on the walls, and Miko becomes scared when her friend's personality and memories begin to slip away.
22 22 "Stronger, Faster" Shaunt Nigoghossian Mairghread Scott 122
Following the events of the previous episode, Ratchet tests the Synthetic Energon formula from the Data Cylinder on engines. Feeling confident, he injects himself with the formula. At first the results are positive, with the formula greatly increasing Ratchet's strength, speed and agility. But before long, the formula starts to have negative effects on his personality.
23 23 "One Shall Fall" Vinton Heuck Duane Capizzi 123
Optimus Prime recites a passage from the Covenant of Primes, detailing a doomsday prophecy connected to Earth and involving Megatron. After Megatron attacks Rafael and Bumblebee, leaving Rafael unconscious and severely injured, Optimus realises that he can't end the Autobot-Decepticon conflict diplomatically, and decides to confront Megatron and destroy him once and for all.
24 24 "One Shall Rise, Part 1" Todd Waterman Nicole Dupac 124
Unicron the Chaos-Bringer, an ancient and malevolent being, awakens from the center of the Earth after millennia of stasis, causing an epidemic of natural disasters across the globe, and sending Dark Energon erupting from volcanoes. Optimus explains the history of Unicron and his battle with Primus, deducing that Unicron is actually the Earth's core, while Megatron attempts to pledge his allegiance to the Chaos-Bringer.
25 25 "One Shall Rise, Part 2" Shaunt Nigoghossian Marsha Griffin 125
After assisting the Autobots in a fight against an army of Unicron's stone avatars, Megatron forms an uneasy alliance with his enemies to defeat Unicron and save the Earth from destruction. The Autobots and Megatron then travel to the Earth's core, planning to send Unicron back into stasis using the Matrix of Leadership.
26 26 "One Shall Rise, Part 3" Vinton Heuch Steven Melching 126
While Ratchet tells Jack and the other humans about Optimus Prime's history on Cybertron, the battle begins at the Earth's core, with Megatron and the Autobots battling against Unicron's bat-like anti-bodies to reach the Chaos-Bringer's spark chamber.

Season 2: (2012-present)

Following the events of "One Shall Rise", Optimus Prime loses all memory of ever being the Autobot leader, believing that he is still the data clerk Orion Pax, and Megatron tricks "Orion" into joining the Decepticons. Distraught by this turn of events, the Autobots attempt to use the legendary super-computer Vector Sigma to restore Optimus' memories, and eventually they succeed. The main theme for the rest of the season is the discovery of ancient Cybertronian artifacts from the Vaults of Iacon buried on Earth, with the Autobots and Decepticons fighting over each new discovery. Wheeljack returns, albeit without joining the main cast, and new characters include the Decepticon Dreadwing, a sweeper train operator named Vogel, as well as Nemesis Prime, a man-made Transformer created by M.E.C.H.. Starscream loses his T-Cog (the organ that allow Transformers the ability to transform) after a brief failed allience with Silas and M.E.C.H. (who take his T-Cog for Nemesis Prime). M.E.C.H.'s leader Silas is critically injured after a defeated Nemesis Prime falls on top of him, with M.E.C.H. scientists' vowing to keep their leader alive with all the technology. Agent Fowler's superiors in the military begin to question Optimus Prime's loyality in the wake of his resent memory lose and his clone's rampage, while Agent Fowler uncovers background information on Silas and is convinced that M.E.C.H. agents may be active military. Breakdown has been killed (by Airachnid) and his body recovered by M.E.C.H., while Airachnid has been put in stasis and Megatron has gained a new army of Insecticon warriors. Bulkhead wreaks the Nemesis' power core, causing it to crash land, forcing Megatron to repair it with Dark Energon, which causes to ship to briefly gain a mind of its own, turn on its crew, and seek out the Iacon Artifacts for itself, only for it to be stopped by Jack, Miko, and Raf, who manage to retrieve recently decrypted Iacon datafiles, which reveal the location of 4 new Iacon relics, one of which is located under New York City.

No. # Episode Title Director Writer(s) Prod. code
27 1 "Orion Pax, Part 1" Vinton Heuck Nicole Dupac 201
Following the events of the season 1 finale, Optimus Prime has lost all memory of ever being a Prime after using the Matrix of Leadership to send Unicron back into stasis; his memory has been reset to when he was still the data clerk Orion Pax. Megatron takes advantage of this, telling "Orion" that the Autobots are evil, taking him onto the Nemesis and setting him to work on a project deciphering Autobot enscriptions from the Iacon records. Back at base, the other Autobots are distraught at this turn of events, and upon discovering that Jack has the Key to Vector Sigma, they hatch a plan to get their leader back.
28 2 "Orion Pax, Part 2" Scooter Tidwell Mirghread Scott 202
With the help of information from Starscream, the Autobots commandeer the Decepticon's Space Bridge to send Jack and Arcee to the Transformers' home world of Cybertron, with a plan to use the information stored in Vector Sigma to restore Optimus's memories. Meanwhile, after a run-in with Starscream, whom Megatron claimed was dead, "Orion" begins to wonder if Megatron is telling him the whole truth...
29 3 "Orion Pax, Part 3" Shaunt Nigoghossian Joseph Kuhr 203
On Cybertron, while on their way to Vector Sigma, Jack and Arcee are attacked by a savage creature called an Insecticon, as well as a swarm of Scraplets. On the Nemesis, "Orion", becoming ever more curious about who he really is, begins to rebel against Megatron and uncover the elaborate lies put in front of him.
30 4 "Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1" Todd Waterman Marty Isenberg 204
While investigating an energy signal that could potentially lead to a relic from the Vaults of Iacon, Bumblebee is ambushed by M.E.C.H, who knock him out and steal his T-Cog, the device that allows Transformers to scan vehicle modes and transform. Discovering that he is no longer able to transform into vehicle mode, Bumblebee has no choice but to stay at base, which leaves him frustrated. Meanwhile, as M.E.C.H. attempts to use Bumblebee's T-Cog in one of their own robots, Starscream approaches Silas and suggests an alliance with M.E.C.H., offering his knowledge and advice on Cybertronian technology and how it works.
31 5 "Operation: Bumblebee, Part 2" Vinton Heuck Nicole Dubac 205
Ratchet, still feeling guilty about failing to repair Bumblebee's voice box during the war, volunteers to give Bumblebee his own T-Cog via transplant. The resulting operation is interrupted, however, when an alarm signals the discovery of another relic from the Vaults of Iacon, a legendary hammer known as the Forge of Solus Prime. While Optimus Prime, Bulkhead and Arcee are out retrieving the hammer, Agent Fowler calls the base to inform the Autobots of newly discovered coordinates to a M.E.C.H. hideout. Seeing an opportunity, Bumblebee storms the M.E.C.H. hideout on his own to get his T-Cog back.
32 6 "Loose Cannons" Scooter Tidwell David McDermott 206
Wheeljack returns to Earth in pursuit of the Decepticon Dreadwing, who is responsible for the death of the Autobot Seasprey (who was also a member of the Wreckers), and asks for Team Prime's help in apprehending the Decepticon. While Bulkhead is naturally excited about seeing his best friend again, Optimus Prime quickly becomes annoyed with Wheeljack's reckless and aggressive manner and disregard for civilians.
33 7 "Crossfire" Shaunt Nigoghossian Marty Isenberg 207
Megatron sends Airachnid, Breakdown and Dreadwing on the trail of a potential Energon source, but what Airachnid doesn't know is that Dreadwing and Breakdown have actually been ordered to kill her for potential treachery. She soon catches wind of this though, killing Breakdown and running off into the woods. Upon arriving at an abandoned Energon mine, Airachnid finds Starscream cowering from a large Insecticon. She uses her abilities to control the creature and calls Megatron to challenge him to a fight to the death, planning to use the Insecticon to kill Megatron so she can claim Decepticon leadership.
34 8 "Nemesis Prime" Todd Waterman David McDermott 208
M.E.C.H. produces a clone of Optimus Prime, which Miko off-handedly names Nemesis Prime, and sets it loose on a military base, where it proceeds to wreak havoc. The United States Military immediately blames the real Optimus for the chaos, and they order the Autobots be shot on sight. While Agent Fowler tries to convince his superiors that Optimus did not attack the base, the Autobots try to track down Nemesis Prime and clear their names.
35 9 "Grill" Kevin Altieri Duane Capizzi 209
Following from the events of the previous episode, Agent Fowler is sat down to explain recent events to his superior, the cynical and disbelieving General Bryce. Threatened with a military tribunal and Team Prime's termination, Fowler tries to convince the General that the Autobots are still on the military's side, but the General believes that Optimus Prime went rogue and has perished, failing to fully understand that Nemesis Prime was not the real Optimus.
36 10 "Armada" Vinton Heuck Matt Wayne 210
Bulkhead accidentally becomes trapped on board the Decepticon warship, the Nemesis, while on a scouting mission, and tries to escape without being discovered. Meanwhile, Starscream and Airachnid both send their newly gained armies (Starscream's being five clones of himself, and Airachnid's being an enormous swarm of Insecticons) to the Nemesis, both with the order to kill Megatron.
37 11 "Flying Mind" Scooter Tidwell Robert N. Skir 211
Following the events of the previous episode, the Nemesis has crashed on a mountainside and its engines are badly damaged. Megatron attempts to restart the engines with Dark Energon, which works, but has an unexpected side effect: the ship develops a mind of its own and starts to rebel against its own crew. With the ship flying out of control and both the Autobots and Decepticons frozen in stasis, Jack, Miko, Rafael and Agent Fowler are left as the only ones who can stop the ship's rampage.
38 12 "Tunnel Vision" Shaunt Nigoghossian Andrew R. Robinson 212
Having discovered the locations of four relics from the Vaults of Iacon hidden across the globe, the Autobots split up into small groups and head to each location simultaneously to retrieve them. Arcee, Bumblebee, Jack and Miko travel to New York City to find the first relic, a Phase Shifter, a device that enables its user to walk through solid objects, which is buried deep in the city's underground subway tunnels. During their search however, Arcee and Bumblebee are attacked by Knock Out and an Insecticon.
39 13 "Triangulation" Todd Waterman David McDermott 213
Taking place at the same time as "Tunnel Vision", Optimus Prime is in Antarctica on the hunt for the second Iacon relic, the Apex Armor, a full-body suit of indestructible armor that expands from a small disc. However, he comes into conflict with both Dreadwing and Starscream during his search, and he is forced to form an uneasy alliance with Dreadwing when Starscream dons the Armor and threatens them both.
40 14 "Triage" Vinton Heuck Marty Isenberg 214
Taking place at the same time as "Tunnel Vision" and "Triangulation", Ratchet reluctantly calls upon Wheeljack for back-up in his mission to retrieve the third Iacon relic, a sonic weapon called the Resonance Blaster. On their way to the location, the two Autobots are attacked by Soundwave, but Wheeljack manages to shoot down and disable Soundwave's surveillance drone Laserbeak, which gives Ratchet an idea. While Wheeljack and Soundwave fight over the Resonance Blaster, Ratchet uploads a virus into Laserbeak that will download the Iacon Database into the Autobot Base's computers without the Decepticons noticing.
41 15 "Toxicity" Scooter Tidwell Steven Melching 215
Taking place at the same time as "Tunnel Vision", "Triangulation" and "Triage", Bulkhead goes to a volcanic island on the Equator to find the fourth and final Iacon relic. But to his horror, he discovers that the relic is a piece of Tox-En, a form of highly toxic Energon that is lethal to Transformers and was once used as a biological weapon during the war. As Bulkhead tries to dispose of the Tox-En by throwing it into a volcano, he is confronted by a group of Insecticons led by the fierce Hardshell.
42 16 "Hurt" TBA TBA 216
Wheeljack and Miko embark on a quest to avenge Bulkhead.
43 17 "Out of the Past" TBA TBA 217
Arcee and a friend uncover a feat of Decepticon engineering capable of destroying the Autobots.
44 18 "New Recruit" TBA TBA 218
While Starscream embarks on a journey to find Red Energon, a new Autobot becomes a member of Team Prime.
45 19 ??? TBA TBA 219
46 20 ??? TBA TBA 220
47 21 ??? TBA TBA 221
48 22 ??? TBA TBA 222
49 23 ??? TBA TBA 223
50 24 ??? TBA TBA 224
51 25 ??? TBA TBA 225
52 26 ??? TBA TBA 226

Season 3: Beast Hunters (2013)

A third season is currently in early development. It is set to premiere in 2013. The Predaking will be a new character introduced in the season. Shockwave has also been confirmed to return.

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