The Autobots have failed to save their beloved Cybertron, Optimus and the Autobots create a new home on Earth, and so did Megatron, and he will not rest untill the Earth is his!


John DiMaggio - Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Thrust, Rampage, Dr. Perakles

Clancy Brown - Megatron, Sentinel Prime

Keone Young - Scorponok

Jason Spisak - Bumblebee, Spike Witwiki

Khary Peyton - Jazz, Blaster, Quintasant

Troy Baker - Sidesweep, Thundercracker, Inferno

April Stewart - Elita 1

Ed Asner - Ratchet

Quinton Flynn - Jetstorm, Starscream, Air-Raid, Quintsant

Kevin Michael Richardson - Tankor/Lugnut, Bulkhead, Chip

Michael Clarke Duncan - Omega Supreme

James Earl Jones - Unicron

Jennifer Hale - Arcee, Slipstream, Blackaracnia

Steven Blum - Ultra Magnus, Dinobot, Leader 1

Jim Ward - Red Alert, Rhinox, Rattrap

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