A Traffic light is a signaling device positioned at a road intersection. It allows for Cars and Pedestrians to cross an intersection in a timely safe manner.

Dynamic Lights

Dynamic Lights are able to change when a car is present.

Induction Loop

Induction loops embedded in the streets are able to detect a car's presence which can dynamically trigger a traffic light.

The Induction loops from previous lights can be used as an approximation for other intersections along the same street. Especially during rush hours, most cars are headed in the same direction. Speed data maybe able to be collected from 2 or more inductance loops in a row, but knowing the distance between the two loops and the time between detection currents from the loop. The speed recorded from these two inductance loops can approximate the speed at which a car enters an intersection. This can be very helpful to trigger a camera that is pointed at the intersection if it knows the cars speed.

If there are 3 or more inductance loops embedded in the ground, the acceleration or de acceleration of a car can be calculated which can then analized for things like road repair or safety of pedestrians in the cross walk or the time allotted for a yellow light.

From Previous inductance loops, a intersection can calculate the probability of cars arriving at that particular intersection each second and calculate a green-yellow-red timing signal for each direction that is most efficient.

Induction loops can be easily installed by using the cracks in the road that have ocurred from wear and tear on the road. Laying the wire in cracks can save time and money on installation costs.


Using Data gathered from a car's GPS, the light can be changed green for the car approaching the intersection.

Sync up traffic lights

I get so annoyed when I have to wait at a red light for three minutes while the next is green, but when the red light I'm at is green, the other one turns red and I have to wait another three minutes. In other words, call the DOT to sync up these traffic lights!!!

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